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A Conventional Healthcare Approach Vs. Eastern Approach

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A Conventional Dilemma
In a rapidly changing global society, health––humanity’s most vital asset––fails to be ensured by modern methods of treatment. Conventional medicine has emerged as the dominant and preferred method of remedying illness. However, conventional approaches to treating the droves of diseases that plague humanity falter in their ability to effectively subdue discomfort and disability. Despite the monumental improvements in health, Conventional techniques cannot engineer perfect health or equilibrium. While its methods have proven effective in vanquishing life-threatening diseases that once ravished the globe, Conventional medicine ultimately lacks the ability to provide ...view middle of the document...

However, it is difficult to prevent or even effectively make war against disease when current medical philosophies taught to aspiring physicians are so focused on minutiae that the overall picture of humanity is lost in the process.
Medical schools traditionally teach healthcare professionals to look at disease rather than focus on the individual. This mentality is tragically myopic, because distress to the body may be primarily triggered from lifestyle habits, and not a particular disease. Nevertheless, Conventional approaches ignore the actual patient and the complex individual with his or her own unique characteristics. This school of thought has come to anger many patients, as physicians are bemoaned by critics to be cold in their approach to treating patients (Galland). Physicians are not to blame for sub-par health care, rather, the fault in care lies within the methods by which treatment is administered.
Conventional medicine has come to be known as “conventional” because its methods have proven to provide satisfactory solutions for the majority of patients worldwide. The reality is that Western medical practices fail to offer adequate solutions, and in some cases, only serve to worsen existing problems. For example, a torn meniscus––a shock absorber in the knee––is treated with a surgical procedure that further removes meniscus cartilage, which in turn leads to increased wear and tear on the condyles of the femur and tibia, ultimately leading to severe osteoarthritis and eventual joint replacement. Acute discomforts are easily subdued by conventional techniques, but to perpetuate health would involve straying from the scripture of Western medicine. Going against conventional techniques deviates from existing thought taught in medical schools. Doctors avoid attempting unorthodox treatments because they run the risk of exacerbating a patient’s condition and, in turn, having a lawsuit filed against them. Thus physicians choose to play it safe by sticking to the conventional blueprint (Burns). The professionals in the medical community are well aware of the faults in the system, yet few braves souls dare attempt to challenge the dogma of modern medicine. Conventional care is ultimately inadequate due to its tunnel-vision approach to viewing health. Modern techniques strive to alleviate short-term suffering, but neglect to take into consideration other factors that may be causing imbalance and, consequently, the true issue at hand needing to be cured is left to fester. Moreover, society’s distorted view of well-being further lends concern to the Conventional healthcare debacle.
There is a disconcerting misconception that health disappears or is magically lost. Pressing health threats rarely, if ever, suddenly come into being; every disease, discomfort, and ailment is the product of the body’s system breaking down and being invaded by pathogens. Detrimental forces lurk menacingly awaiting the chance to transgress bodily...

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