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A Discussion Of Brand Loyalty Approaches And Their Applicability For Different Markets.

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The concept of loyalty to be considered should be dependent on both market andsituations. Distinguishing between market types is important because the verynature of markets indicates that the measures used to capture loyalty should bevery different. In behavioral terms, brand loyalty is simply a customer¡¯sconsistent repurchasing of a brand. Every time a customer repurchases aproduct(shampoo, cologne, wine, jeans, shoes, frozen pizza, motor oil,automotive tools, computers, mail delivery service, cable company, plumbingservice, car insurance, or whatever), if the customer buys the same brand ofthat product, we can consider for that product category. The problem withbehavioral brand loyalty is that simply shows that customers repurchase the samebrand, not whether they actually like the brand more than other brands. Only ifthe customer attitude for a brand is more favorable than for the competingbrands should that customer be considered brand loyal to that brand. This way oflooking at brand loyalty¡ªthat is , a greater liking for the brand¡ªcan betermed attitudinal brand loyalty.Brand loyalty has been largely defined and measured in either behavioral orattitudinal terms (Mellens et al., 1996). Brand loyalty is the biased behavioralresponse, expressed over time by some decision-making unit, with respect to oneor more alternative brands out of a set of such brands, and is a function ofpsychological processes (Jagdish N.Sheth, 1999). Brand loyalty is one orcombination of attitudinal or behavioral. Different types of markets may requiredifferent methods of measuring loyalty.Manufacturers want to enhance the loyalty to their brand and use this loyalty toincrease profits.This has led to emphasis on a number of strategies such asbrand extension, good complaint handling ,loyalty schemes and other techniquesusing database methods to stay close to the customer. People who buy your brandhavem by that act, indicated that they are more likely than others to buy itnext time and thus are more worthy of marketing effort.The measurement of brand loyalty is different for consumable, durable andservices markets. This difference is largely attributable to the difference inmarket characteristics, namely brand switching, purchase frequency,appropriateness of loyalty types for measurement, share of category, proportionof sole buyers, commitment, intention to purchase, perceived risk, inertia,habit, satisfaction and involvement.Brand loyalty can be classified into three groups based on market type, namelyconsumable goods markets, and service markets. Each market type is discussed inmore detail below with reference to loyalty. The markets are categorizedaccording to transaction value, frequency of purchase, end use, level ofinvolvement, supplier source and purchase process.Consumable markets has typically focused on behavioral measures of...

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