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Marisa JagermanBonnie ChavezBus.101, T/Th 11:10-12:30November 19, 2012A Conversation with Brian CoryatAt the event on friday my professor, Bonnie Chavez interviewed and had a very intelligent conversation with Brian Coryat. He is the founder of the highly successful, multi-million dollar company called Valueclick. Coryat did not only start Valueclick but he founded several other thriving companies. Coryat started his companies when the internet was just created and not very popular. Although, during the rise of the Internet his business grew tremendously. Once he started advertising online his first company completely took off. After his company went online all of his transactions were off the Internet, and he no longer had to buy and ship catalogs. He found out very quickly that the Internet was a highly resourceful tool that was essential to the success of any company. He found many new opportunities in the Internet as it started to boom and became an amazing way to advertise products in the market. Coryat found his success through the Internet, which is the biggest resource center in society today. He is currently building another online company, similar to his other companies, and is hoping that it will be a great success. During the interview, Bonnie Chavez and Brian Coryat disscussed many important aspects of business, but I fount that the three take-aways that were the most relevant and essential in creating a successful business were the power of motivation due to appreciation, the knowledge of all the different aspects of the market place, the need for a business plan.Brian's companies thrived in the marketplace due to his motivation and his ability too lead people. He developed a passion to create businesses, it was something he absolutely loved to do. He was willing to "wear every hat" as he called it. Which meant being able to take on every single task needed to run the business. He believed that when becoming an entrepreneur it is important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Coryat found intrinsic value in building companies. As the owner and manager of his businesses, he has many different types of methods and management skills to choose from to motivate his employees to work. The skills needed to be a manager include conceptual skills, human relation skills, and technical skills. Conceptual skills are the ability of a manager to think creatively, analyze complex situations, understand cause and effect, and solve complex problems. Human relation skills involve the manager's ability to work effectively with and through people. Technical skills are skills in which expert knowledge is needed to perform in the functional area over which he has oversight authority. There are also three levels of management, top, middle and supervisor. Also, there are different types of organization charts, such as a line organization of hierarch, line/ staff structure cross-functional teams, and inverted organization, all with their own...

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