A Cosmopolitan Girl Essay

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A Cosmopolitan Girl

Determined, realistic, and self-confident are not words that I hold to a specific gender. That might be the difference between someone who was born in generation x and the baby boomers and earlier. According to society these few words are associated with the male gender, since most of society that is able to determine what is and what is not acceptable are older we are labeled as a whole to have come to these conclusions. Perhaps June Jordan, the writer of Memo: 1980 knew something that the rest of society did not. And it might be that her revolutionized way of thinking was foreshadowing on what was to come. Hopefully through out my analyzing and explication I can come to what Jordan was trying to get across to us the readers. And if not I will have my own opinion on what Memo: 1980 means and that is what poetry is all about for the reader come to their own conclusions of what they have read, and hopefully have developed more analytical skills.

The opening three lines of June Jordans Memo: 1980 When I hear some women say she has finally decided you can spend time with other women. I wonder what she means: her mother? My mother? (Jordan pg. 158 lines 1-4) Leads me to believe the writer is referring to the jealousy women seem to have towards one another. Women say it is not jealousy, but then why is it women make awful assumptions about other women before knowing their first names or hearing a hello out of their mouths. Women tend to assume that other women are fake, annoying, and even to the extent that these other women are trying to take ones place. Women who deny these actions are lying, because we all do it. June Jordan also backs this up with the line Ive always despised my women friends.(line 5) What is it that makes us act in this manner? Women are very territorial and we act as wild animals claiming our territory. Is this the way a cosmopolitan girl behaves? Taking a closer look at the line Ive always despised my women friends(line 5) gives another look on why she has felt this way towards some women. Could it possibly be that she has despised them because they are confident enough to introduce their men to other women, without feeling intimidated? She might also despise these women because they are able to sit back and let men have the control in many situations. Should she really be despising these women? This being the question I believe she is asking herself in the unspoken lines of the poem. Are men in control or do they hold the power? According to Jordan men hold they key to society. Concluding, that it is power men have which leads to control. She states the men have the key to society bye saying Men are the ones with the money and the big way with waiters and the passkey to excitement in strange places of real danger (lines 9-18) she is basically saying women are the weaker sex and to get anything or to go anywhere in the world women need men to lead them or give them permission. Jordan then goes back...

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