A Country Analysis Of Mexico

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PoliticalGovernment and politics of Mexico takes place in a framework of a federal presidential representative democratic republic. The President is both head of state and head of government and the commander in chief of the military. The divisions include state governors and town presidents also known as mayors. The current president is Vicente Fox, who was elected in 2000. Presidential term in Mexico is six years. There seems to be a constant risk of corrupt government in Mexico. Although it is said that the highest levels of corruption exist in middle government levels and officials, it also exists in the federal government and accusations have been directed to the president. These corruption accusations and actual reported cases range from bribes to embezzlement.EconomicAccording to the World Bank, Mexico ranks 13th in the world in regard to GDP and have the fourth largest per capita income in Latin America just after Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. Mexico has established itself as an upper middle-income country. Although it experienced an economic crisis in 1994 to 1995, it made an impressive recovery. The poverty level has dropped from 24.2% to 17.6% in the general population.Mexico has a mixed economy and has recently entered the trillion dollar class. Recent administrations have expanded competition in seaports, railroads, telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution and airports. Mexico is the fourth largest oil producer in the world. Mexico participates in NAFTA since 1994 and 85% of its trade is with the United States and Canada. Ongoing concerns include low real wages, underemployment for a large segment of the population, inequitable income distribution, and few advancement opportunities in the impoverished southern states. Mexico continues to struggle with such issues as economic control and development. Corruption at certain levels of the administration and crime continue to be chronic problems.Physical environmentMexico is in the southwestern part of North America and is roughly triangular in shape. It is bordered by the United States to the North, and Belize and Guatemala to the Southeast. The center of Mexico is a great plateau, open to the north, with mountain chains to the east and west and with ocean-front lowlands lying outside of them. Mexico is about one-fourth the size of the United States.Most of Mexico is mountainous and has little good agricultural land. The country also lacks in river systems, it only has one main river that provides a trade route with Mexico City. The climate varies from tropical to desert. Many natural...

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