A Crabby Situation Essay

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A Crabby Situation
At one point in everyone’s life, we have to hear the dreaded “sex talk” or in other cases have had to discover the consequences of sex on one’s own. Within this talk you may cover what is a STD (sexually transmitted disease) and how life threatening, painful and grotesque they may be. What if I said someone can pick up a little “friend” from being sexually active? This “friend” remains close like the skin to your body, loves to play in hair and even feeds off of its companion. Meet the ultimate pal of STD’s, Phthirus pubis or known as pubic lice, but we call the little parasites Crabs.
In case the question “how can a whole crab be transferred to my body?” surfaces, know ...view middle of the document...

If someone infected with the parasites has chest hair, the bugs may find a home there as well. In reference to kidshealth.org, the parasite can live up to one to two days without its host, so in Laura’s case that bug could have been there for a maximum of two days. Believe it or not, crabs can feed off of a persons face; this includes eyelashes, facial hair such as a beard, or eyebrows. Imagine looking into a mirror and not only seeing yourself but phthirus pubis having a feast right in front of your face, literally. Also, in case someone was curious if a pet such as a dog or cat can carry the bug, the answer is no, phthirus pubis are a human lice only attracted to humans. The locations crabs settle has the trend of moist course hairs, so it is unlikely for someone to find pubic lice in the hair on the head.
Once the phthirus pubis finds a host, it feeds on the host blood and lays its eggs. According to nlm.nih.gov, the eggs can be identified as “small gray-white oval eggs (nits) attached to the hart shafts in the outer genital area”. After the eggs hatch, the children go on a feeding frenzy to get the necessary nutrients they need to mature. When the phthirus pubis bite, sores appear and scratches appear that leaves either a red or blush-gray skin reaction, which can indicate infection. Crabs don't only leave you with “pretty” marks; there is constant irritating itching sessions. Nlm.nih.gov also explains that itching may not even occur till two to three weeks after infection. Itching can become very intense at night, so how would a person feel about not consuming any sleep because of a burning itch? Most likely frustrated and annoyed. It is also imperative teens are on the look out for crabs because it is most common among them. For example, a college freshman dramatized blogged on Thefrisky.com her experience:
I experienced my first STD while away at school. I had been experiencing extreme itching at the top of my bikini area but figured it was just from the hair growing. The itching was so bad I noticed blood droplets on my sheets one night. I probably was the only person on my campus not having sex, so I had grown quite a bush. One day as I hovered over the public toilet in...

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