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Pre-med in college today means mainly nothing more than a word. Students are forced to take classes that are not related towards their major what so ever. "Why is this?" one would say. Is it because we want our future doctors to be so called "well-rounded"? "Well-roundedness" comes from Ohio states approach of students for graduating. Ohio Northern wants us students to take other classes that we aren't even the slightest bit interested in. So Doctors might be "well-rounded", but why cram thirty-hour quarters into medical school when we could disperse a lot of those hours into college curriculum. Suppose the doctor you're seeing is "well-rounded" and has received all "A's", but he doesn't recognize how to treat your illness. Then you could end up in pain, or even die. What good is that? I say forget the "well-rounded" idea and start our future doctors off learning what they need to know as soon as possible.I spoke to a family friend and Doctor, George Seese, and he stated "Apprenticeships are good, but there are just some things you don't learn in apprenticeships that you would learn at medical school. Things such as respect for patients and better understanding for the purpose and reasoning behind things." He also said that it does in fact seem that a lot of jobs such as doctors are leaning towards on job training. One he stated was a physician's assistant, because they follow and do what most doctors are called to do and then learn from them.Why shouldn't doctors be taught more about medicine and health care earlier? For instance when they're in college. This will allow less cramming of material in such a short span of time during medical school, but is this approach even very pertinent? Another option other than four years of nonsense (college) followed by...

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