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For centuries, humans have committed the act of piracy whether they knew it or not. By stealing another fisherman’s goods, or just taking the lives of members at sea. But now and days the world relies on shipping as a main source for transportation. If any flaw or error is made during the shipping it affects people, business, and possibly you. Next time you order from around the world remember that the people who are on those ships with your goods may have to put their lives at risk of being captured or killed by Pirates of the sea. Act of piracy, a crime in which a group of criminals attempt to hijack a cruise line or cargo ship, has become an uprising occurrence in the 21st century, and with advancements in technology, is getting easier not only to capture them but for the criminals themselves. The act of piracy, a crime in which a group of criminals attempt to hijack a cruise line or cargo ship, has become an uprising occurrence in the 21st century, and with advancements in technology, is getting easier not only to capture them but for the criminals themselves.
Ever since the beginning of transportation by the use of water, the corruption of vandalizing and stealing from one’s ship, boat or canoe possibly, and is now referred to as piracy. Several debatable important cases in history are results of piracy. A pirate is well known as commonly being thought of as a bearded sea lover on a pirate ship with his crew sailing the seven seas with a goal of capturing and stealing other ships’ treasures. Although that version of a pirate is said to be a folktale pirate, it does represent how real world pirates work. Real pirates are sea robbers who search and track other ships so that they can go in and steal their goods, boat and even hold the crew members for ransom, which mean they will hand back the members unharmed for a certain amount of money. The act of piracy began an estimated 2000 years ago in ancient Greece, who were the first to use the water ways for traveling and shipping purposes, but has continued through every generations in history. Starting from the Greeks then to the Romans, the famous Vikings, and buccaneers, the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century is looked at as the golden age for piracy. Entering the 20th century, the government began to take notice of these pirates, by assigning missions to head out to sea and eliminate enemy ships. But later in the century, piracy became more complex. With technology evolving, it made it easier for countries to scan the seas for any unidentified ships or boats, thus taking care of business faster and more efficiently. But in today’s age technology is not only assisting governments of keeping the seas safe, it is still very possible for any pirate to get their hands on the latest tech as well.
Have the tactics changed in this century as compared to the tactics used in the previous eras of piracy? Is it really more complicated than just having a ship, a crew, and weapons then heading...

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