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Sometimes there are situations in life that make people think about death. Everyone is going to die one day but what if that person wants to end his life earlier. Should anyone be allowed to decide about his own life in any bad situation? I can't answer that but instead I'll explain a specific situation when death should be acceptable. I never thought about death as a way to solve a problem but when I read "A crime of Compassion" by Huttmann , I changed my mind. A terminally ill ends a life of a person who suffered for 6 months and was resuscitated fifty two times in one month. Terminally ill should be a reason to accept whether the person wants to be alive or just die and stop suffering. Only the patient must have right to decide about his own life not even his family has the right to decide for him. Mac was a patient in the story "A crime for compassion" who wanted to die and stop the pain but doctors weren't allowed to just let him die.Only someone suffering a terminally ill could explain how painful is to see his own life getting away and there is nothing to bring it back. It is difficult to let someone die even though there is nothing that can change that. When someone is dying, people wants to do anything to help that person but sometimes instead of help him they make it worse. Sometimes Doctors try to do his best but the best for who? If a patient like Mac is suffering a pain that not even Doctors or the advanced technology can alleviate that pain , why make it longer? Why makes a patient suffer more? .Mac just wanted to be in peace and stop the pain. Doctors should understand that it was out of their hands and in this case only the patient should...

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