A Criminological Perspective On Child Abuse In Cambodia

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In the article titled “Canadian suspected on sex abuse of young boys tries to kill himself as Cambodia police came for arrest” (http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/02/24/c
Anadian-suspected-in-sex-abuse-of-young-boys-tries-to-kill-himself-as-cambodia-police-came-for-arrest/), a shocking story is reported of a Canadian man who attempted to commit suicide after Cambodian police moved to arrest him on allegations of child-sex (Humphreys, 2014). The alleged offender, whose name has not been released to the media, is a resident of Montreal, Canada.
Suspicions escalated after child protection workers, employed by Cambodian group Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), received a tip on February 20, 2014 from a non-governmental organization in the Siem Keap area of Cambodia. Led by APLE, the resulting investigation consisted of interviews with six boys, aged 10 to 14 years of age, two of whom initially admitted to having experienced and been victims of sexual abuse.
While searching for the location of the identified suspect, APLE workers witnesses the individual leading four young boys into a forest. However, by the time police arrived on scene, the suspect had disappeared into the trees. The four boys were subsequently taken to the police station for questioning, upon which three boys admitted to experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of the suspect. With testimony from the three boys, an arrest of the Montreal man was ordered.
On February 23, three days after the initial tip was received by APLE, police carried out an arrest, attending the suspect’s temporary residence, a low rate hotel room. Upon his realization of what was happening, the suspect locked himself in his room and attempted to commit suicide, using a pocketknife to cut wrists and stomach. After gaining access to the room, police gained control of the man, taking away his knife. The suspect was immediately rushed to the hospital to be treated for potentially life threatening injuries.
With the suspect in custody police conducted further investigation. It was discovered that the man had travelled to Cambodia alone, although they weren’t able to determine a date of departure from Canada. Likewise, the man was found to be living alone in the country, and doesn’t appear to have any close relatives or friends in Cambodia. The Montreal man remains in custody and has been charged with partaking in sexual intercourse with minors under the age of 15.
While shocking, this story is unfortunately one of many that have taken place in Cambodia over the years. According to the article, in the past high rates of poverty, in combination with corruption among government officials and law enforcement agencies, has contributed to making Cambodia a desirable destination for child sex tourists and pedophiles. Even when caught and arrested, it’s often easy for sex offenders to escape charges. Through bribes made to government officials, and sums of money paid to victim’s families, charges are dropped and offenders are...

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