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A Critical Analysis Of I Am Number Four By Pittacus Lore

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I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore expresses the importance of never giving up hope no matter how grim the situation may seem. John and Henri settle down in Paradise Ohio, hiding from an alien race called the mogadorians. Henri travels to Athens, Ohio, to find out more about Sam’s magazine. John and Sam save Henri and learn the mogadorians are closer than ever. The mogadorians find Henri, John, Number Six, Matt, Sarah and Bernie Kosar at the school and a battle commences. During the battle Henri sacrifices himself, letting the rest escape.
While a good book I am Number Four had a few flaws. The first flaw it had was the plot. It was probably the most typical, predictable, worn-out plot in a book I have ever read: John is a teenage boy with special powers who has to blend in with normal people. John falls in love with a gorgeous girl named Sarah, who plays the damsel in distress and is completely reliant on John. He makes enemies with Matt, who just so happens to be Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, and the captain of the football team. This plot line has been used in countless movies and books, and never to too much acclaim. If it were not for the aliens and battle scenes I am Number Four could easily be the script for a high-school romance drama show, which brings us to the book’s next issue. The next flaw with the book is the romance between John and Sarah. By the end of the book they have only known each other for six months, and yet they are completely in love with each other. They seem to fall in love straight away and spend the rest of the book exchanging cheesy lines about how much they mean to each other. I also did not understand how Sarah was so ready and eager to believe John when he told her he was an alien. I don’t believe anybody would instantly and completely believe it if someone they knew told them they were an alien. She doesn’t question anything and tells him that she doesn’t care because she loves him. The next issue with their romance is Sarah herself. She is described by John as “the most beautiful girl he has ever seen” but by the end of the book the only thing we know about her appearance is that she is blond and wears a blue sweater. She also talks as if she’s a strong character and tells John she is ready to fight for him, but in every scene where there is a fight she is either crying, hiding, or running for safety. She does not have anything defining about her personality and feels very stale as a character. Overall it feels like the author wrote the romance to just fill pages then to actually have it contribute to the book. The last main flaw with the book is the inconsistencies. My prime example would be when John and everyone else are trying to escape the school while the mogadorians are attacking them. The door to the room they are in is locked, so they have to go to another classroom to find a way out. The issue with this is the fact that one of John’s legacies is to unlock locks with his mind. This means that he could...

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