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A Critical Analysis Of The Article "Progressive Wal Mart. Really." By Sebastian Mallaby

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In his article “Progressive Wal-Mart. Really.” Sebastian Mallaby argues that Wal-Mart’s $50 billion in discounted gains is helping the well being of American shoppers. Malay concludes with “If critics prevent the firm from opening new branches, they will prevent ordinary families from sharing in those gains. Poor Americans will be chief among the casualties”(623). Mallaby is arguing if critics don't allow Wal-Mart to open new branches poor Americans won’t be able to share in gains like savings, jobs, and better local economy. Wal-Mart might have all these gains for the American shopper, but he doesn't talk about the negatives. For every gain there’s a loss. I disagree with Mallaby’s argument; Poor Americans, including Wal-Mart employees, are excluded from sharing in those gains because they work unpaid hours, and the inability to get health care coverage. Wal-Mart keeps these employees from sharing in these gains by keeping them in scared and in poverty. Ever since I started working at a market I then realized not only Wal-Mart excludes its employees and the poor from sharing in gains. The low paid employees at Wal-Mart will never share in gains as long as they work at Wal-Mart. Mallaby admits Wal-Mart can treat their employees and other retailers unfairly, but as a result everyone can share in the 50 billion in savings that American shoppers consume annually. The pay that employees get is the price they must pay for low priced merchandise. Because of the minimal pay to employees, Wal-Mart strengthens its’ consumer buying power. Giving the American shoppers the savings they need, Wal-Mart’s has ultimately been them successful. Wal-Mart has potentially wiped out the middle class as an employer, but the employees can now work and get government financial and medical assistance. Mallaby claims Wal-Mart employees should be thankful they could work and still get medical. At the cost of sending workers home with little pay, American shoppers can save money on a shopping trip. Mallaby argues Wal-Mart is a business with growth, and American shoppers should be thankful for Wal-Mart’s low prices that save consumers money. However, mallaby doesn't mention why consumers are getting such low prices, the employees become victims because of low prices.
Mallaby argues when Wal-Mart opens store people apply for job proving that not everyone “believes the pay and benefits are unattractive” (621). Although Wal-Mart create jobs, that does not mean it’s a great job; it could be the only job. Wal-Mart employees are losing gains when they work unpaid overtime. In her article, “Up Against Wal-Mart” Karen Olsson states that Wal-Mart makes more than 6.6 billion in profits annually, yet the workers are getting paid bare minimum of only 1,500 a month (608). According to the NCCP, the average poverty income is making $20,000 a year. Wal-Mart employees live in poverty making only $18,000 a year. Greg Denier, a communication director for UFCW, argues, “Americans cannot live...

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