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A Critical Analysis Of The Key National Security Issues Faced In The Post Vietnam War Period

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A Critical Analysis of the Key National Security Issues
Faced in the Post-Vietnam War Period
There have been a lot of developments that happened during the Vietnam War that concerns the key national security issues of the country. However, there are an also a lot of significant changes that occurred after that historical event, that forever changed the policy conceptualization and implementation of national and foreign-related issues.
The administration of Richard Nixon was greatly affected by the Vietnam War. Due to the fact that the US failed to win the war in a smooth way, Nixon tried to assess the things that went wrong in the national security and foreign policies of his predecessors like Kennedy and Johnson. Henry Kissinger (National Security Advisor and Secretary of State) became one of the most influential figures during the Nixon's presidential term which is due to the fact that his opinion really mattered to the president. One of his well-known policy contributions is called the detente or the view of easing the tensions between US and another world superpower, the Soviet Union.
The relationship between Nixon and Kissinger was unlike the national security management of Truman and Eisenhower. As previously discussed, Truman relied on the National Security council as a group for planning immediate actions while Eisenhower intentionally held the power in policy making during his term. On the other hand, "to restore American power, Nixon decided to exit Southeast Asia in a way that would preserve the reputation of the U.S. as a country that grateful its commitments. This policy stressed that an allied country must demonstrate the ability to provide for its own security since the U.S. would no longer provide the major defensive effort (Neumann 2004)." Thus, although Nixon was eventually subjected to the Watergate scandal, a lot of his national security strategies were still being used until now because it is deemed as more effective and...

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