A Critical Appraisal Of Qualitative Research

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Described below is a critical appraisal of a qualitative article by Lisa Booth using the frame-work suggested by Ryan, Coughlan and Cronin 2007 to establish its believability, robustness, credibility and integrity (Ryan, Coughlan & Cronin, 2007).
Qualitative research is regarded as an inductive process, which within natural settings attempts to produce insights on the subjective experiences, meanings, practices and point of views of those involved (Craig & Smyth, 2007). The aim here was to investigate factors influencing the communication styles used by the radiographers, therefore, allowing a better understanding to patient-centred care within diagnostic radiography.

The title was well formulated and unambiguous, however, why a more precise title of "diagnostic radiographer-patient relationship" was not selected is unclear as the study incorporated diagnostic radiographers only (Dawson, 2002). The article had appropriate citations except the researcher's qualification and designation, which otherwise indicate the degree of knowledge in the field (Ryan et al, 2007). Included was the 'Keyword' section facilitating retrieving of the search by those interested (Hart, 2001). Its publication in a peer-reviewed journal allowed scrutiny from suitable experts, thus making more valid and original. In contrast, to a non peer-reviewed journal where high chances of information being flawed cannot be denied (Holloway & Wheeler, 2002)? Losing the relevance of the information was not a threat as it was published within the optimum time (Hart, 2001).

Abstract is a condensed version of the full report; this was well formulated by using headings instead of single paragraph style, thus looked uncluttered (Macnee, 2004). The purpose had clear aims and goals; given was the methodology and sample size; results identified and conclusion drawn. Although nothing about transactional analysis (TA) method was mentioned. Overall, the abstract did address the research question of interest and had elements present that influenced the believability of the research (Ryan et al, 2007).

As all researches associate an underpinning philosophy (Ryan et al, 2007), here the intentions were derived from her previous works. The statement of the phenomenon of interest was clear (Holloway & Wheeler, 2002), i.e. to gain an insight why informants, the radiographers, communicated in a particular way; exploring their subjective experiences and reasons within the clinical settings, thus allowing to curtail the existing gap of knowledge and making it to count as a primary research (Polgar & Thomas, 1995). The method selected was appropriate as topics of such abstract nature which demand a holistic approach, therefore, best suited are the qualitative methods (Polit & Beck, 2006; Vishnevsky & Beanlands, 2004). However, nothing about empirical study was briefed.

Literature review aids to identify acknowledged information written about the given subject (Dawson, 2002). An...

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