A Critical Evaluation Of An Is Case Study (Fedex)

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FedEx A Critical Analysis of an IS Case StudyWhat is E-commerce? Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services. Over the past few years' commerce has moved from traditional features of selling products, but one main feature stays the same, the people.This essay will discuss how the FedEx Corporation used e-business and IT to grab a competitive advantage within their market place, this can be achieved by following some IS strategies, these could include the Porters five forces model that shows how a company can gain competitive advantage by identifying its external forces, thus allowing the company to increase its profits in a matter of a few years, from an $8 Billion operation to an $18 Billion operation today. This essay will discuss how the FedEx Corporation used e-business and IT to grab a competitive advantage within their market place, thus allowing the company to increase its profits in a matter of a few years, from an $8 Billion operation to an $18 Billion operation today. FedEx Corporation is one of the world's leading courier and express logistics companies. A US multinational company based in Memphis, it was founded in 1973 by Fred Smith and started its European operations in 1984. Its European headquarters (HQ) are in Brussels. The company operates in 211 countries around the world and is divided into seven business units: FedEx Corporation, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Customs,It's an Express and Transport company that was entering a fierce domestic market that was already dominated by some very well established companies, these being; United Parcels Services and US postal services. Fred Smith believed that applying IT to its business, FedEx was able to leap frog the rest of the industry, by building a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds.With the introduction of e-commerce and the World Wide Web the whole way of selling goods to customers has changed over the years. Business and companies can now look elsewhere for better buying solutions as they are no longer tied down with one individual supplier. There is now a global marketplace within which they can seek suppliers (or customers). With this information medium customers are empowered to find new suppliers, new products, or the information that historically they discovered via a human interface. E-commerce has allowed companies to focus on their customer demands and found a way of representing their information without introducing new overheads or having to introduce new staff. FedEx took full advantage of e-business and allowed its company to focus on specific categories, allow its customers to have the full benefits of using an e-business solution and without knowing getting trapped in a traditional way of purchasing goods. Not only did FedEx manage to increase its customers but also managed to trap them within their e-business solution.In the1980's FedEx started the revolution by giving away more than 100,000 sets of PC's loaded with...

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