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A Critical Evaluation And Analysis Of Diversity Training The Positive And Negatives

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Companies that commit themselves into the culture of embracing ideologies imparted through diversity training establish a competitive environment (Ongori and Agolla 73). The competitive environment is springs from brilliant decision making process to marketing the company’s products to foreign communities. Through diversity training, companies understand the different needs of its potential client base. This is discovered when a company sends out its employees to communities around or abroad to learn their culture and study that community’s special needs. For example, the banking industry transcends across many communities that have different beliefs concerning banking. Muslims have ...view middle of the document...

The diverse workforce created under these motives is scaled on social and moral platforms and this makes everything about the company earn community support. The community is not only in the business of meeting their needs, but also is in the business of buying good from companies that give back to the community. Customer’s find joy to know that part of the money they use to buy a certain commodity from a certain company goes into supporting
Economy evolves with time. This means that there is a period when a country establishes itself in manufacturing and when it shifts to another thing industry. In the midst of this evolution, diversity training becomes crucial. The importance of diversity awareness manifests itself fully when the economy is transitioning from manufacturing to service industry (Ongori and Agolla 74). In service industry, diversity is avoidable and hence this translates that diversity is of major importance. In the service industry people meet customers from different backgrounds and the success of a company depends on how it handles those different clients.
Looking at a sporting activity, athletes and footballers are sourced from any corner of the world and concentrated on one stop to train and entertain people in the football game. In international activities and competitions like Olympics, world Cup and United Nation meetings, people of a different culture visit the country designated. These people need people who understand them in all aspects to meet them. If an organization is not diversified, it cannot handle clients of such caliber. The service industry is very sensitive and the first impression created by the employees of such organization is the one the clients buy. It is important to seriously incorporate diversity training programs for any service offering company and this means recruitment of people from different backgrounds.
The business world is already burdened with lots of legal regulations it needs to meet. Some of these legal regulations can be naturally met by just instituting and acknowledging diversity in every level in the organization. A company that has strong diversity management structures is not under threat of affirmative action effect. This goes a long into serving the company some money that would otherwise have been used in settling legal suits. Diversity training promotes gender equality and equality for all kinds of people (Ongori and Agolla 74). Though diversity management is viewed as a disadvantage in handling conflicts, it can be capitalized on to ensure that conflict cases, especially those involving affirmative action do not spill over to the courts. It is far much better to resolve any conflict internally. Training people on diversity awareness helps people to both know how to resolve any conflict that might arise from within them and better the interrelation amongst them.
Companies are in the race to grow and counter the challenges that face them on daily basis. The new minds are...

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