A Critical Evaluation On The Corporate Communications Of Mcdonald’s

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MKIB372A CRITICAL EVALUATION ON THE CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS OF MCDONALD'STABLE OF CONTENTSPage1. Executive Summary 32. Introduction 43. Internal Communications 53.1. Intranet system 53.2. Employee magazine 83.3 Other internal methods 104. External Communications 114.1. Official website 124.2. Social media 164.2.1 Facebook 165. Recommendations 206. References 22 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe report provides a critical evaluation on several methods that McDonald's has used in their corporate communication and these are the findings as follows:McDonald's takes both internal communications and external communications through several methods. All the methods contributing to the corporate communication are aimed at fulfilling the corporate missions and goals.Internally, McDonald's has built an outstanding intranet system which could meet all the standards to be a successful intranet system, including employee engagement, contents abundant and security ensured.McDonald's also adopts the method of producing internal magazines to motivate and engage employees and a successful model is MDUK, which focused on researching employee preference.Externally, McDonald's has constructed an excellent official website especially in terms of navigability and content. However, there are still some small flaws in interactivity and multimedia design.Social media tools (Facebook) are used in McDonald's external communication as well. Although they have done a good job in content posting, they still have to improve their enthusiasm in increasing frequency and interactivity2. IntroductionMcDonald's is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world with more than 34,000 local franchises serving approximately 69 million customers in 119 countries daily. According to the Annual Report of McDonald's (2012), the giant business owns a total of over 1.7 million employees worldwide with a common primary goal to make the business become customers' favorite way and place to eat and drink by serving core favorites. The mission statements of McDonald's are formed with four aspects in terms of stakeholders. Firstly, McDonald's aims to provide better dining experience for customers. Secondly, McDonald's is committed to help employees to achieve their values with better working condition. Thirdly, McDonald's is devoted to making more profits to its shareholders. Lastly, McDonald's also takes the purpose to give back to the community (McDonald's official, 2013).To achieve their missions and goals, McDonald's is taking both internal communications and external communications with multiple channels in their organization. The report will firstly talk about the internal communications of McDonald's, taking a view of the use of intranet system, employee magazines and some other methods. The next section will focus on the methods of external communications adopted by McDonald's, especially the official website, social media use and sponsorship activities. Finally, reasonable...


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