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A Critique Of American History Essay

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1JohnsonCraig JohnsonHIST 105Professor Lukaku29 April 2000A Critique of American History"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." The pledge of allegiance, lyrics read all across America by children in schools, show the dedication they have for being American. Although most of us have recited these lines, we did not even know what they meant. From a young age, children all across the United States are being taught year after year in their schools that America, the country we live in, is supreme above all in its nature. In our history books, America is played out to be this perfect united union that reigned democracy and liberal ideas and pledged to give solitude to those who are suffering in their respective countries, and is suggested to be a homeland if need be to those refugees. Lo and behold, our country has made many mistakes since is was established in 1776 that were forgotten and left out of the history books taught to children while they are young. Although many may have felt that our country is perfect by the stories and history we have been told while we are young, America has been a difficult place for foreigners to settle in despite being the land that reigns "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."As an American, I feel that people should not be given the rare freedoms we have from birth just due to the fact that we were born here. America is a land of opportunity and it should not be that only for those in a given location. Natural rights should be given to anyone who so desires to leave their country and move to ours, we should take that as a compliment. People should not be automatically successful in our country, but they should all equally have the same chance to be. Instead, we have policies and guidelines that restrict people from living in our free land and even send them back after they have made their travels here. Previously in class, we went over in its entirety the idea of the "American Dream" in an article by David Kamp. These immigrants were not trying to cause any injustice to our nation and did not have the intention of taking jobs away from the "white man." Striking it rich was not even a primary factor in their coming to America, they just wanted to have equal opportunity and to be rewarded in life based on achievement. They wanted to have as much access to society as whites and wanted to receive accolades without race being a factor. Even in 1924 we passed an Immigration Act that limited immigration from South and East Europe, as well as Asian countries. Even shying away from this American dream, these immigrants who simply wanted a better life and safety from their governments were unable to take part in the gift of American democracy. These acts and laws derail us from the core ideals or our nations livelihood. America, as the 14th Amendment states, is a country where...

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