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A Critique Of Bush's Speeches After September 11

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A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11

After the terrorists attacks on September eleventh, President Bush had to prepare himself to address the nation with intensions to calm the United States citizens and give them some answers. The President had many speeches in the week after this happened and some words he used were not as concise as they could have been. These words and phrases are his attempts to comfort the United States people but only anger the terrorists he has declared war with. In a critique of Bushs speeches in the weeks after the tragedy, it is written, He called for revenge, called Osama bin Laden the prime suspect and asked for him dead or alive. (Max 1) Using such strong words gives an impression that Bush is overly confident and jumping to conclusions. Using revenge would imply retaliation and in result would come a war. Bush seems so sure that bin Laden is responsible when, still as of this day, he has no hard evidence. Asking for him dead or alive is probably the first threat he made. The only accomplishment Bush got out of making these accusations and threats was making the American people nervous. The citizens of the United States may not agree with the decisions he is making for the country. Bush needed another chance to redeem himself and comfort his people. A committee of speechwriters and George Bush spent time writing the speech that was given on September twentieth. In this speech, the President made more sense and brought his ideas together more clearly, with phrases and topics that would calm the citizens of the United States.

Americans were still unclear of who had performed these acts of terror and were nervous because Bush was being rash, and wasnt speaking with confidence. The president answers questions, revealing which organization was responsible and their mission as people. Bushs speech on the twentieth reveals that, The terrorists directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans, and make no distinction among military and civilians, including women and children. (pg. 2) The president clarifies that bin Laden is the leader of the terrorist organization, Al queda, so that the Americans can understand whom we are going to war with. As said in The End Of Innocence, And today the enemy must be named as terrorism, or more broadly as any who might disrupt the spread of "open societies"--characterized by procedural liberty and the free movement of investment, people and goods.(paragraph four) Before this speech was presented, Bush had told the American people that he was asking for bin laden dead or alive, in which is quite drastic. The American people learn that these terrorists may be committing these acts in the name of their Islamic god, Allah, and Bush labels them as blasphemous. Now, the people affiliated in this organization are not only terrorists but they also disrespect their own god. Bush is degrading these people so that citizens of the United States may...

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