A Critique Of The Theorization Of The Emotional Accountability In Direct Consequence To News Narratives.

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In the article, 'Stories that count: Influence of News Narratives on Issue Attitudes’ authors Fuyuan Shen, Lee Ahern and Michelle Baker explore “the impact of using narratives to frame a political issue [on] individuals’ attitudes.” (Shen, Ahern & Baker, 2014) Empirical studies were conducted focusing on the “relative affective and cognitive responses” (Shen et al, 2014) through a questionnaire; this particular avenue of research was apt in measuring the immediate reactions to the selected articles shown to the participants, but also the delayed impact of them. Empirical research is the easiest and most efficient way to measure the participants’ emotional impact, but such a direct ...view middle of the document...

The authors do recognise many of the limitations within the study such as the focus on the single issue event and the reliance on two items (environmental vs. economic) therefore it is not broad enough to capture a generalized view. An interesting follow up paradigm on the study would be what different cultures find more emotionally impacting depending on the format; on whether it can be generalized across humanity that narrative framework is a central factor in emotional impact on the reader; Or possibly the difference between male and female responses (from various age demographics, ethnic groups and geographic locations) to the narrative format verses informational.

Measurability. The measurement scale used within the survey was not consistent, as it neglected to mention the scale they used to gather evidence on “exposure to news coverage” (Shen Et al, 2014, pp 104). This question itself plays a central role in the study’s findings in association to any outside media coverage that has been influential to the participants viewing of the Marcellus shale gas drilling. In addition the author negated to mention the Chronbach Alpha, which was consistently stated in every other survey question mentioned. The author’s choice to neglect referencing it makes it incohesive and confusing for the reader.

Credibility. The authors have no notable professional or academic qualifications. It can be assumed that they are post graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University in the college of Communications. Shen is the only author who has been referenced in the notes on a previous work, which’s subject topic runs in close correlation to this...

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