A Critique Of Uncertainty Management Interventions For Breast Cancer Survivors

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Women who have survived breast cancer surgeries continue to have many challenges to face as they continue through life. Particularly, younger women who have survived cancer are known to have a variety of additional concerns as they have family and career challenges to think about. A study by Germino et al. (2012) looked at these stressors and implemented an experimental design to help women cope with these life concerns. This paper serves as a critique of this study and its future implications.
The theoretical framework of this study was clearly established with information regarding African American and Caucasian Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS) not having the resources needed to efficiently manage life after survivorship. The study presented many characteristics of treatment that could cause uncertainty in the survivors that are part of the enduring physical, emotional and social issues cancer ...view middle of the document...

This intervention group is compared to an attention control condition, and overall, includes an adequate sample size of both Caucasian (196) and African American (117) women under the age of 50 and considered an adequate representation of the female population of BCSs.
This was a true experimental study with two groups (intervention and control) randomly assigned. The data was collected in the Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS), a renowned tool for collecting data, though the researchers could have better outlined the details of how effective this scale is in relaying information. Research methodology design was both simple and easy to understand while it supported the stated purpose of the study making specific discrepancies between the intervention and control groups. Ethical considerations were kept as moral principals including autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice were maintained. The interventions included specific cognitive and behavioral strategies to promote positive life changes.
The results of this research were relevant to the research hypotheses as it concluded that the intervention group had a decrease in uncertainty that was significantly larger than the control group. Additionally, the intervention group showed more knowledge of long term side effects and reported greater number of resources that displayed enhanced cognitive coping strategies than the control group. These results were explained in context with previous research findings that helped validate what the research concluded and suggested possible clinical implications for the future.
Overall, this study was very thorough, including identifying its limitations and suggestions for future research. Taking specific measures to help enhance the quality of life in BCSs is a study to be praised in its efforts to promote well-being in young women. The study interventions have been shown worthy for future clinical implementations.

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