A Critique Of The “Nchrp Synthesis 397: Bridge Management System For Transportation Agencies Decision Making”

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During the period after the collapse of the I-35W BRIDGE in Minnesota, the National Cooperative Highway Reset Program(NCHRP) published a synthesis about bridge management system and decision making that need to be applied across the country. The collapse has awakened public and private agencies in charge so that they begun a new era characterized by paying much attention on their career. A synthesis made by The National Cooperative Highway Reset Program (NCHRP) and lead by Markow and Hyman showed programs and system that need to be put in place in order to reshape bridges management for the sake of program performance. The point at issue is to see why it were important to implement those programs and also analyze its content in order to see whether the report were informative enough to instruct the targeted people.
First, the United States is the first country worldwide to own a powerful transportation system the rest of the world takes as a model. This brought significant accomplishment on state level and nationwide and made sustainable development possible in United State. Second, this success is never a simple process but instead it is a result of a combination of many components in an engineering background that need to feet together in order to enable engineers to design such wonders (Ratay). Among those components the following seem to be the main pillars: good education in structural engineering, years or even decades of experience in analysis design, construction, testing, inspection, condition assessment and trouble shooting, an understanding of design construction processes, comprehension of legal implication, good communication skills, a knock of problem solving and positive attitude to teamwork (Ratay). By analyzing very carefully those components, it is very obvious that engineering is not about academic performance but also character and social conduct should be taken into account in analyzing and predicting their harvest. Engineers need to make sure that skills and attitudes listed above are part of their work. For example, according to the report, costly researches on bridge condition are undertaken whenever necessary but sometimes their result are overlooked and never given their due consideration. Unfortunately, the report failed to show clearly attitudes engineers need to develop in order to make their work successful and avoid failures.
This analysis was professionally powerful because it would help engineers to recognize and understand systematic errors that can lead to failures. Understanding what engineering is and what engineering can do is to know how failures can happen (Petroski). Among the main causes of this collapse was the lack of accurate inspection because the investigation conducted before were claiming that the bridge was still in good shape as shown by the National transportation Board (NTSB). This shows that in investigating causes of failure and identifying the parties responsible, engineers will not...

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