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A Cross Cultural Comparison Of Political Attack Ads In Brazil And The United States.

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A cross-cultural comparison of political attack ads in Brazil and the United States.A Brief History of Political Advertising in BrazilDuring Getulio Vargas administration, in the 1940s, Brazil saw the dawn of political marketing. His title "father of the poor" seemed to be more in the minds of the masses than their own lives. Much of his popularity came from a radio broadcast he hosted, where he addressed to "the common people". However, It was in 1960 with Janio Quadros, that Brazilians started to witness the rise of the "marketer", a character that would become one of the most controversial in the country's political scene. In a master's stroke, the Quadros' campaign adopted a broom as it main symbol. The broom, which appeared in pin, buttons, posters, among other advertising paraphernalia, represented "the candidate's promise to clean the government and the country from corruption" (Neves, 2002). The broom jingle became a popular hit and Janio's campaign is still recognized as one of the most successful marketing cases in the history of political advertising in Brazil.Varre, varre, varre, varre, varre,varre vassourinhaVarre, varre a bandalheiraQue o povo esta cansadoDe sofrer desta maneiraJanio Quadro e a esperanca dessepovo abandonadoSweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweepSweep, little broomSweep, sweep the rogueryBecause the people is tiredOf suffering like thisJanio Quadros i the hope of thisabandoned people.The generals also often recurred to marketing in order to legitimize their administration. Among the successful slogans were nationalistic appeals such as the late 60s "Brazil, love or leave it" and the 70s "There is no holding back this country" (Ninguem segura este pais) created during a phase of fast economic growth.After electing Janio Quadros for president in 1960, Brazilians had to wait another 40 years to choose another president. From 1984 to 1985, the country was under a military dictatorship and, after two decades, the first civilian president to take office was appointed by Congress.With the blessing of the country' s most important media organization, the Globo Network, and in a highly disputed election, Fernando Collor de Melo defeated Lula and was elected president in 1989. "Examples of political manipulation include the biased manner in which TV Globo reported on the final presidential debate in 1989, which is thought to have swayed some undecided voters away from Lula and toward Collor in the last days of the campaign" (Power, 2000).Collor also made use of strong marketing strategies. He became famous for impersonating "the Maraja Hunter" (cacador de Maraja) in the state of Alagoas. He was responsible for cutting the privileges of the marajas, or "ghost" government employees who earned very high wages and, most times, did not even show up for work. In his campaign, Collor promised to "kill inflation with a single bullet" (Kingstone, 2000). His campaign managers dropped a bomb on Lula's candidacy jut five days before the...

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