A Cruel World: Bullying Essay

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What do middle school and high school students feel when they go to school. Do they feel safe? Bullying in school and outside of school is known of a normal part of a child or a teenager part of life. No! Students shouldn’t have to know that this is a typical school life. Waking up in the morning and getting on the bus with kids your age lunching paper wads at you is not normal. What about setting at the back of the class afraid to say anything because you know you’re going to get mocked at in the halls? Is this living one of the “best memories” of your life? School is the place where you find yourself, and who you are. Is bullying in schools a healthy educating environment? There are many types of bullying like physical, verbal, and sexual, as well as cyber bullying, and much more. Bullying should not have to be a part of life; you should be able to wake up in the morning without the worry of fear and deleteriousness.
Verbal bullying is using despiteful words to another person. Girls can be the one who verbally bully others to feel more power and to dominate other girls. Verbal bullying can be more devastating and deleterious to girls more than boys. Boys also use verbal bullying to avoid getting into disturbance and as well as girl; boys use these techniques to feel more dominant over others. Male bullies tend to use verbal and physical abuse, whereas female bullies are more likely to use verbal and cyber bullying females spread rumors. Because of bullying kids and teenagers feel safer by staying at home, in fact 160,000 kids that live in America feel safer by staying at home than going to school. It is very hard to deal with bullying especially when you don’t know how to deal with the situation yourself; there are steps you can take to handle it. Verbal assaults amongst children more often target appearances and behaviors rather than race or religious affiliations. Often in those instances, the bullies felt that the victim was at fault for these behaviors or appearances. Ignore the bully is one of the many best things to do. The bully will eventually get bored with bullying you and will move on to someone else who has more of an interesting target. Another step kids or teenagers can do is tell an authority figure like a teacher. It is hard for teachers to see and hear the bully at all times, but the teacher can put the end to something’s but not all. 33.1% of students in school say that they strongly believe that teachers can put an end to bullying while 2/3 of school students disagree that teachers are not capable of stopping the bully. Even if the teacher can’t do everything it does help to take the stress of your shoulders. Another option you can do is remain civil and don’t sink down to their level. If you act aggressive to the bully, or a bigger person, you may find yourself in a physical fight. By remaining neutral you will find that the bully will move on. 80% of bullying happens at school and inside school grounds. Focusing on your...

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