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A Cry For Help Essay

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PTSD 1Running Head: Signature AssignmentA Cry for HelpIntroductionA combat soldier has just returned home to his girlfriend. One day he told his girlfriend "If I hurt you, I'm sorry. If I kick you in my sleep, I'm sorry. If I wake up trying to kill you, please run and get the hell out." From these emotional and touching words of a war veteran, would many of our experts say that he has posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Or this person is suffering from general psychiatric disorder? This is one of many reasons why PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder is so controversial and often not diagnosed. Some may argue that PTSD is not a real diagnosis. They may say that it's just anxiety ...view middle of the document...

Throughout our history, posttraumatic stress disorder has been called many different names. After Civil War, PTSD was called "Nostalgia" or "Soldier's heart". After World War I, PTSD was called "Combat fatigue" or "Shell Shock". PTSD was then called "Battle fatigues or gross stress reaction" after World War II. With this the temporary removal of soldier from the war zone supposed to relieve the stress of soldiers cause by the war. Although PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder has been called so many different names, it is yet to be understood and continues to be extremely controversial.PTSD: A real diagnosisPTSD is a real diagnosis. However, it is often misdiagnosed and untreated among war veterans. Due to lack of proper diagnosis and treatment it is resulting to rampant increases of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and homicide in our society. In the article of Carol Morton: PTSD - The suffering continues . . . Here she talks about PTSD is so real that the need to prioritizing the treatment on returning combat veterans for PTSD requires immediate postwar screening and preventive measures. She claims that war veterans who are suffering from flashbacks of war, nightmares and anger are at high risk in committing suicides and some actually succeed in ending their lives. The increasing number of PTSD among veterans may be due to many of them are embarrass to seek for help. Or probably doesn't even know how to get help or why they need help. The misdiagnosis of PTSD among many soldiers can lead to re-exposures to traumatic environment due to soldiers being sent back to war deployment multiple times and for how long that they maybe already suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. PTSD is so real that the symptoms are so disrupting too many veterans. It prevents them and their love ones to have the ability to live a normal and peaceful life.Purple Heart for PTSD VeteransMany proponents believe that Purple Heart should be awarded to combat soldiers who are suffering from PTSD as the result of war trauma. A veteran of World War II wrote "Sometimes the deepest wounds of war are the ones that don't bleed. They are the ones that slowly eat at you from the inside out." ( They have raised an argument that posttraumatic stress disorder is also a wound. In fact, it is a wound that will take a long time to heal or may not heal at all. They are claiming that the recognition and awarding of Purple Heart award to PTSD-combat related would reduce the stigma of PTSD. They also say that it will also encourage PTSD-veterans to seek help, support, and treatment that they need. Would the awarding of Purple Heart and other forms of recognition for PTSD-combat related illness encourage them to get help or would it encourages them to have a lifelong chronic illness?Benefits and Compensation for PTSD VeteransOthers are saying that PTSD is treatable with proper diagnosis, treatment and therapy. What is the Department of Veterans Affair doing about it? After...

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