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A Cry For Help! True Story About A Girl's Hardships. *The Names In This Story Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent*

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Tuesday night, I got a phone call. One of my friends back home had a problem, and they had finally decided to get help. My friend told me over the phone that she was really sorry about what she was going to tell me before she even started. She then went on to tell me about the drugs, sex, and abuse that she had been going through for about three years. It began in November of 2001 when my friend met her new neighbors across the street. As a tradition it was up to the neighbor across the street to bring cookies to the new neighbors, so she made some cookies and went across the street. Waiting for her knock on the door to be answered she straightened her appearance. The door was answered and she introduced herself and explained the tradition. After everyone's names were said she bid them farewell and went back home. Twenty minutes later there was a knock on her door. The oldest boy, David, had come over to ask her if she wanted to join in on a snowball fight. She dressed in her snow pants, boots, jacket, and gloves and went outside. Before she had even gotten halfway out of the door she was belted with a packed snowball. Letting out a scream of surprise she grabbed up some snow and started throwing it back. This went on for about an hour before she and David got tired of throwing snow. They were then just sitting on the side of the road, talking. Eventually they got cold and exchanged screen names. She went inside, not expecting to ever really talk to the guy again. After taking a shower to warm herself up my friend got online. Soon after signing on David IM-ed her. It started out normal she said, with them both saying hi and doing the regular chit chat. But he would soon ask her a question that would change her way of thinking. First he asked her if she was a virgin, and she said yes. Then he asked her if she would like to lose her virginity to him. She said that she would have to think about it because she would be breaking a promise to her mother if she did and that she wasn't sure that she was ready to break that promise. Right around this time another guy, also named David but called Woody, IM-ed her and asked her what she was doing. She, being the blunt person that she is, told Woody what David had been asking her. Woody told her not to accept the offer, and to find him the next day. So she declined David's offer and went to bed that night. The next day Woody asked her the same question. Again she declined the offer...her promise to her mother was too strong. That night when she got home her father was waiting for her. He said that he wanted to talk to her. So they got into his truck and went for a drive. The first thing he asked was if she was a virgin, to which she replied yes. The next thing he did was forbid her to have anything to do with the neighbors across the street and that was the end of discussion. She told me that she tried to see the reasons behind her fathers' request for about a week, than she gave up. She told me that she had...

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