A Cry In The Night Essay

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A Cry in the Night

The story starts in New York City, most likely present day. Then as the story
goes on it moves to minnesota out to Erich's farm. It is winter in Minnesota and very
cold. Characters:
Jenny is the main character of the story. She is a divorced mother of two. She is
young and pretty. She works at an art museum in New York City to support herself and
her two little girls. She is kind and sweet and has a brilliant sense of humor.
Erich is an artist. He's mysterious and curious. His actions speak louder then
most words because he tends to be quiet during the story. On the outside he seems like
the most perfect man. The type that every woman hopes of meeting and falling in love
with. But on the inside he holds dark secrets of his past and a twisted, hateful mind.
Kevin is Jenny's ex-husband. He's a struggling actor with a great sense of humor.
He tends to be a little selfish, but always tries to put everything on the good side of the
hill. He cares about Jenny and his children even if it seems like he doesn't.
Clyde is the old man who works on Erich's farm. He basically runs the place and
had been around ever since Erich was in diapers. He worked with Erich's father to make
his farm the most respected and well known in the county.
Rooney is Clyde's wife. She used to be great friends with Erich's mother. She
turns to Jen to give her a friend and some confidence. Everyone around the farm thinks
that Rooney is crazy and doesn't know what she is doing. She's smart and a good cook,
and loves to help.
Mark is Erich's best friend from childhood. He is a doctor and helps out Erich
whenver needed. When Erich starts to get weird, Jen turns to Mark for help and
friendship. Mark is a helpful man who cares deeply for others. In the story it seems like
he's falling for Jen.
Tina and Beth are Jen's little girls. They are both young and influential.
She had been struggling ever since her and Kevin had broken up, Jen thought to
herself one night as she was rushing out of work to go pick up Tina and Beth. Life had
just gotten out of hand for her after the divorce. Money seemed like it was everything.
But she was still happy. She knew she'd pick up her children go home and make them
dinner and feel all cozy in their little apartment. That was what she was really looking
forward to for the night.
Jen knew that the next day would be very big and important. All her boss told her
was that a special unknown, yet very talented, artist would be coming to the gallery and
that she would be the one to introduce him and his work the the art sellers and buyers.
What Jen did not know, was that this man was named Erich Kruegar, and was soon to be
her future husband.
Walking into work the next morning was nerve wracking to her. Not only
because she was meeting this "infamous" artist, but also because she had to worry about
the children's new day care center....

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