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A Cup Ordinaly Essay

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A CUPBefore Christ, people had already created a cup. The hollow cylinder was made from soil and was a simple design and thickness; ancient people used it for drinking. After wards, they threw the object away or piled it somewhere. They left it there; and they moved to another place. The antic vessel was gradually buried in the ground as days and months passed as if it had been forgotten. Thousands of years later, archeologists found the ancient container, which they restored it and saved it in the museum although it had broken. These scientists are still looking for new information from the ancient cup. Nowadays people create many types of cups, use different materials, and create many different sizes of cups. For example, people use a ceramic cup while they are in business meeting or conference because they love to drink coffee for staying awake and refreshing their minds. People think a cup is useful and common; however, the object is special for me. It shows how we learn about consequences, about adulthood, and about differences in culture.A cup reminds me how my parents taught me the Japanese sense of responsibility. This happened on a very humid summer night, but the cup was cold; it was thin and long, and it was empty. I grabbed the dull cup and smashed it on the floor. The innocent cup went to pieces as if the universe was born from one star. I did not remember why I did that, but I remembered that my brain was from red to white completely, my body was shaken, and my parents thrashed my hip. I screamed and rioted, but my parents did not stop nor release me until their body temperature was cooled down. I did not understand why my parent got so angry; I just smashed one glass. After they became composed, they told me, "Although the cup [was] easy to break, it [was] difficult to make." All of a sudden, I realized that their punishment did not only show my foolishness and also made me notice the importance of the material. In hindsight, I should not have emitted my anger, and I realized that I needed to keep patience in my mind before smashing objects.Later in life, a cup showed my independence and led me to the new world. In the warm family room, my friends and my parents surrounded me. The cup was little thick and short. It was the nice shape and design and warm faintly. I grabbed the nice cup, and we celebrated my 20th birthday. From this moment, I was officially allowed to drink alcohol, so I drank beer, sake, brandy, and so on. I got drunk too much, so I could not stand straight...

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