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A/D And D/A Convertors And Display Devices

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Contents PageTask 3A/D and D/A Convertors 4Analogue and Digital Signals 4Analogue / Digital Conversions 5Analogue to Digital Convertors 6Digital To Analogue Converter 8Glossary Of Terms 10Visual Display Devices 11Seven-Segment Displays 14Dot Matrix Displays 16Bibliology 18TaskA/D and D/A ConvertorsExplain two methods of converting analog signals to digital signals and compare them. Explain one method of digital to analog conversion. Choose two A/D convertor devices from the catalogue and list their characteristics, performance, cost, applications etc.Display DevicesDescribe how LED and LCD display devices operate - ie explain the principle behind their operation. Describe the features of the 7-segment, star-burst and dot matrix displays. Choose some devices from the catalogues and describe them.You are required to produce a written report on your work. The report should be in standard report format and comprise of a front page with title, contents page summary, introduction, main body of the report describing the task and how you met the requirements of the task, circuit diagrams etc. and conclusions. Appendices may be placed in the report if necessary.The report should be word processed and presented in a plastic folder. Your name class and subject should be clearly visible.A/D and D/A ConvertorsAnalogue and Digital SignalsAnalogue Signals - Signals whose amplitude and/or frequency vary continuously eg. sound. Fig 1.1 illustrates an analogue signal:-Fig 1.1 Illustration of an analogue signalDigital Signals - Signals which are not continous in nature but consist of discrete pulses of voltage or current known as bits which represent the information to be processed. Digital voltages can vary only in discrete steps. Normally only two levels are used ( 0 and 1 ).Fig 1.2 illustrates a digital signal.Fig 1.2 Illustration of a digital signalAnalogue / Digital ConversionsIn todays electronic system it is often necessary that the overall system may not be entirely analogue or entirely digital in nature. Thus a digital system may be controlled by input signals which are the amplified analogue outputs, perhaps of some measuring transducer (termister, LDR). Similarly a digital system output may be required to control the measured analogue system via analogue control values.Interfacing is therefore required between the analogue and digital subsystems and it is necessary to be able to convert an analogue signal into a digital equivalent signal and visa versa. A/D and D/A convertors are therefore used.An analogue signal cannot be represented exactly by a digital signal and must be sampled at sufficient intervals for all relevant information to be retained. Sampling theory states that at least two samples must be obtained per period of the highest frequency component. If the highest frequency component is fs then the period of the sampling signal is given by:-TFig. 2 Sample and HoldFig.2 shows a basic sample and hold circuit. The capacitor C is used as a store...

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