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A Danger Inherent In The Current Technological Advancement Is That It Dehumanizes People

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” So said Albert Einstein, and I concur with him. People have become so obsessed with pushing the boundaries of science, that they have become blind to the problems facing mankind.A major criticism of technology is that as it advances, it isolates people more and more. With the increased use of e-mails, instant messaging and short message services (S.M.S), people are losing their communication skills rapidly. Conversations (particularly those between parents and children) often consist of basic questions and grunts. Man is retrogressing in terms of conversational skills, undoing the communication advancements made over many centuries.Compassion is fast becoming a thing of the past. As many people pursue personal advancement, they forget about the less fortunate in society. Earthquakes, droughts and other natural disasters briefly capture man’s attention and are soon forgotten. The suffering of humanity has been silenced, replaced by celebrity gossip and fashion trends. Yet another disturbing aspect is that when disasters occur, the public is so overwhelmed by the onslaught of images and reports, that it becomes desensitised and loses interest.Politicians are not averse to using technology to their advantage. A present can evoke the sympathy of the entire world by broadcasting images of so-called ‘catastrophes’. Those who rely on technology for their information lose their critical faculties and are sucked in by the propaganda of opinion-makers.Religions have come under intense scrutiny with the advent of newer technologies. Science aims to explain everything that was, everything that is, and everything that will be. Knowing that people will be wary, science constantly attacks people’s beliefs and convictions. However, not all science is guilty of this, as some do use science to prove the truth behind spiritual beliefs.It is no surprise that crime has flourished as technology advances. A prime example is that of internet banking. Hackers exploit weaknesses in internet browsers and access the accounts of others and transfer funds to themselves. With every advancement in consumer security, comes another advancement to undermine that security. Other forms of crime have also flourished. The firearms industry has...

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