"A Dash Of Magic" By Kathryn Littlewood

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I opted for this book, because I needed an alluring tale to do a book report over that wasn’t too elongated. After laying eyes on this beauty, I resolute to comprehend this book, and surprisingly enjoyed it so much, that I did a book talk in English over this same book to publicize it. “A Dash of Magic” is a novel that teaches a moral, or lesson, in the end. Containing this magic little ingredient caught my interest, occurring to me that not many young adult or teen fiction books teach a sensible lesson, mostly just a dilemma and a solution.
My impression of this book consisted mainly of interest and trepidation, due to several plot twists. A unique combination of wit, mystery, talking ...view middle of the document...

Rosemary is the key female protagonist in the novel whose candid culinary talent is underestimated in the Gala des Gâteaux Grands competition, but she comes to prove her wicked aunt, Lily Bliss, erroneous. Coming to the other side of the fence, the opposite, Lily Bliss, the core antagonist, is an awe-inspiring cook with appalling intentions. She is misleading, deceitful, and conniving, despite her enchanting materialistic looks and appearance of friendliness. Ty Bliss, Rosemary’s older brother, is a straight out flirt. He flirts constantly and ubiquitously, especially when they visit Paris, France for the gastronomic competition. Sage Bliss, Rosemary’s younger brother, has a love to perform comedic acts for the amusement of others. Leigh, Rosemary’s four-year-old sister, is an endearing, oblivious little toddler…That is until she eats a magical powder concoction sold by Lily that has mind-controlling properties. As a result, her innocent young character disappears within a minute of eating the mixture, her voice maturing and beginning to rant about how magnificent and endowed Lily Bliss is at everything, not...

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