A Date That Will Live In Infamy

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Things began to heat up between the united states of America and Japan in 1920’s. however a small sparks lit up in 1931. With Japan invasion of Manchuria. At this point Japan wanted more and continued to expand though china. Once they decide to invaded French Indochina in 1940 the united states stopped shipment of different marginalize such as airplanes, machine tools, parts, and gasoline to Japan in effort to stop all the invading. This did not stop the Japanese what so ever. Therefore on July 1941 the united states stopped oil exports to japan.
Now with no oil exports to japan. Japan decide to take the such east Indies ( an oil-rich area). With this act it lights a little flame between ...view middle of the document...

Began there 3000 mile mission.
On December 7 1941 the Japs conducted there surprise attack. At 6am 183 aircraft left carrier for the first wave attack . Then 7:15am the Japanese launched another 167 plans for the second wave. Forty minutes later at 7:55am just before the 1t bomb was released commander Mitsuo Fuchida called out there code of “tora” three times letting the rest of the navy know they took the United States by surprise.
That Sunday morning of December 7 1941 most of the united states military was either asleep, eating breakfast, or getting ready for church. When the suspired attack hit Pearl Harbor. Within five minutes of the attack the military personally was fighting back with whatever they could using all there training they have prepared for.
The Japs had organized the waves into 3 groups. All of them with a detailed plain of there target. The first wave led by Commander Mitsuo Fuchida. This wave was the main attack wave. There target was the battleships and main aircarrers. The second wave was led by Lieutenant commander Shigekazu Shimazaki. Target was different areas along the island.
There was seven United states ships in battleship row. Battleship included Nevada which was hit by one torpedo it did not sink but became beached. California was stuck by two torpedoes and one bomb sank slowly over a three day time period. Oklahoma got nine torpedoes causing this ship to turn over trapping most of the crew. West Virginia also got nine torpedoes she however sank quickly. Arizona was hit many times one of these bombs cause a huge explosion sank fast killing 1,100. This was the only ship that was not raised and removed. Tennessee was hit with two bombs. However most of the damage was from the explosion of the Arizona. Maryland was the most lucky on two bombs hit this ship not causing much damage.
The Japanese...

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