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A Day At Work Essay

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A piercing sound grew louder as I slowly gained consciousness. Realising where it was coming from, I glanced at the stupid phone responsible for awakening me. Who the hell was phoning me at this time in the morning? Picking up the ringing object, I glanced at the clock hanging on the cream wall. 8:40am. Shit, I was late. Work started at 9am. I sighed. Whoever was making me even later better have a damn good reason.
I hit the answer button. "Yo." I mumbled into the speaker.

I recognised my step-mother's annoyingly highpitched voice screeching through the phone. "Robert James! That is no way to answer the phone! Next time I expect to be hearing a nice, 'hello, Robert speaking', none of this 'ya' nonsense-"
By this stage I had placed the phone next to my half-finished bio report on the desk. I had no intention of listening to her lecturing. She could try what she wanted, but she'd never replace my mum like she desperately seemed to be trying to accomplish. I was nineteen anyway, not much she could do. She couldn't even say 'yo' without sounding like a retard. Hell, she didn't even take the time to notice that noone called me by my full name. I was known as Rob to practically everyone apart from her.

Fully clothed in my wrinkled uniform, I grabbed the phone, rushing for the door. "Later's Ax!" I called over my shoulder to my roommate Axel, not giving a shit if he heard me or not. I was already running late. "I'll be back after work." I said, slamming the door behind me.
As I rushed down the dull dormitry halls of Greenville college, I wearily raised the phone back up to my ear. Not surprisingly, the screech-master was still at it. Before she could continue further on whatever the hell she was on about, I interrupted.

"Dude, calm the fudge down."
Hallelujah,finally silence on the other end.
"Now, what is it you phoned me for in the first place?" I spoke slowly.
More silence. I guess she was trying to remember after all that crap she was spouting.
"Oh that's right!" She finally broke the silence.
About time.
"You can't come and see your father and I this weekend!" She spoke merrily down the line. "We have other arrangements."
Oh, so that's what it was. Another one of her attempts to keep me away from dad.
"Whatever." I replied and hung up on her, annoyed.
I was looking forward to spending the weekend with dad. But no, my step 'mother' had to go and ruin it. I really didn't get what he saw in her.
Of course, today was the day the bus decided to be early rather than late. Normally I was waiting for ages before it came. But no. The old lady who seemed to live at the bus stop delightedly informed me that I had missed it by exactly three minutes.
Kicking the curb in frustration, I weighed out my options. The next bus came in half an hour. Deciding...

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