A Day In My Life Essay

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A Day in My Life

It's 7am and once again the annoying repetitive sound of the alarm on
my phone rings again. As I still have my eyes closed, I feel around
the floor for my phone to stop the alarm. After ten seconds I find the
cancel button, the alarm is still ringing in my ears. Eventually I
open my eyes to find nothing but darkness. I feel as dead as Kurt
Cobain. I stumble to the door and pull down the cold handle. As I open
the door, I hear the sound of the T.V downstairs. I sit on the top
step of the steep stairs knowing if I were to try and walk I would
most probably fall.

When I reach the bottom I see my Dad lying on the sofa looking
half-dead watching the T.V. I say 'good morning,' he replies with a
simple grunt. I walk out the kitchen, look out of the window, the sun
shines so brightly, I can't see a thing.

To wake myself up, I stumble into the bathroom as if I am drunk to
take a shower. As soon as I get into the shower I started to feel
awake. I am enjoying a quiet, relaxing shower when all of a sudden my
twelve year old sister pushes the bathroom door open so hard that it
hits the sink. The noise of that is so loud that it makes me jump a
mile. I shout at her so loudly the house began to rumble. Around 7:30
I depart from my shower. I run upstairs very quickly as I only have a
towel loosely wrapped around my waist. After that I put my school
uniform on, my white polo shirt, black trousers and my black sweater.
I pick up my big black bag which I had packed last night and once
again walk downstairs to the chaos of everyone getting ready for work
or school. I can see the steam coming out of my parent's head from the
stress and rush of the morning. I pick up a shining, shark, silver
knife from the kitchen and a loaf of bread from the kitchen and make
myself a nutella sandwich.

Its 8:15 and I have the long walk of approximately twenty metres to
get to my bus stop, also known as a video shop. As I walk my shoe's
make a loud sound like a horse walking. After five minutes of talking
about girls and music the 'Red Submarine' bus arrives. Yet again we
have the same cheery driver with a chin ring, six earrings and a nose
stud. All eighteen of us at the bus stop run onto the bus like a herd
of galloping rhinos. I jump onto a seat with Sean and Adam near the
door of the bus. We drive up the hill towards the nest bus stop at a
maximum of three mph. Once all fellow pupils have been picked up in
Maesycoed, the 'fag bags' start puffing away upstairs. I complain to
the driver about the smell of the fags but he does nothing. After
twenty minutes of torture the bus finally arrives at Coedylan Prison,
late as ever and yet again, we are the last people into school.

I pull the cold silver metal of the front entrance doors of the
prison. As I try to rush to get to registration, I am...

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