"A Day In The Life Of A Male Prostitute". An Analyse Of The Short Story Jubilee By Graham Greene

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A Day in the Life of a Male ProstituteAn analyse and summary of the novela JubileeIntroduction:I will start my analyse, by making a small summary of the story. Then I will discuss the narrator, and what impact it has on the story, the characters, and their relation, and finally the theme; what is the writer trying to say with this story?The novel, Jubilee, is written by Graham Greene in 1936.The story's main character is Mr. Chalfont. Mr. Chalfont - the first-name is unknown - is a male prostitute or gigolo. He is getting rather old for his job, and he has no future plans and not a lot of money. He may live in a hotel, because he lives in some sort of room. There has been a celebration of the King, the Jubilee, but Mr. Chalfont has not joined in the festivities, because he is afraid somebody from his past might recognise him and wants to visit him. He did not want to show them the room he was living in. The only times Mr. Chalfont had been out of his room, was to eat at the public-house.The day of the story, Jubilee is more or less over, and Mr. Chalfont is going out for the first time in over a week. He is very anxious about going out again, but he feels that it is necessary for the good of his morale. He has not got a lot of money, so he needs to go out and earn some. When Mr. Chalfont comes to the restaurant, he quickly spots a woman sitting at the bar. He knows he have seen her before, but cannot remember where. The lady winks at him, which makes Mr. Chalfont uneasy. If the porter notices it and discovers who and what he is, he will loose his last place to pick up woman and will be forced to "hunt" outside of the fashionable Mayfair. This will mean, if nothing ells, a decrease of wages.Mr. Chalfont starts to talk with the woman, in his old routine, as if to pick her up. He finds out her name is Amy, and that she is a retired prostitute, who has made a lot of money by working as a form of pimp to the other girls of the streets, by opening a house, where they do their business.Mr. Chalfont begins to feel sick about Amy's appearance and strong personality. Amy is not lost in old days, as he is. She had come out of the profession rich and on her feet. He feels old and embarrassed, and outdanced compared to her. She sees it, and offers him a drink. He will pay for it himself, even though he really cannot afford it. She ends up paying for it, because she knows what he is and because she has been in the same situation. Mr. Chalfont is more embarrassed and feels older than ever before. They end up walking out together, so Mr. Chalfont can earn the drink, because Amy knows how it is to earn money, without doing anything.Narrator:The narrator of the novel is a third-person point of view and it is told in past tense, which gives the impression, that the main character has told the story to somebody, who now is telling it to another - the audience or reader. This impression is supported by the parentheses, that occur a couple of times in the story....

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