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A Day Lost In Paris Essay

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The afternoon of July 10th, my birthday, was bright, cheerful, and balmy with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day. The flowers were blossoming exuberantly and the grass was sumptuously green. The rhythmical scratch and slap of leather soles smacked on concrete block. The rich aroma of creamy cheese coming from the cheese stores and the fresh scent of delicious freshly baked bread made me convinced that Paris is my dream country. I walked along the sidewalk, smelling the rich and creamy scent of cheeses so strong you could almost taste it. I was here with my brother, mom, and dad in Paris. You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh, that’s so nice, you’re in Paris with your family.’ Well, I hate to tell you, but honestly, it’s not. My smart – aleck brother wouldn’t stop spouting out facts about “The City of Lights”. For a boy of 11 years old, he sure knows a lot about everything; and I don’t necessarily like that. His muddy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair just makes me jealous. Me, I have brown eyes and black “luxurious” hair. If you asked me, I wished my hair was strawberry blond just like my mom’s hair. Instead, I’m the outsider with the strange hair. And about my parents, their conversation usually goes like this:
“Oh George, look at this magnificent statue. It was an excellent idea to go to the Louvre,” my mom comments.
“Oh yes, it is a magnificent statue. We should have a statue like this at home,” he responds.
Then, my irksome brother jumps in and says:
“Yes, I agree with you. I should think it is one of the well-known statues in Paris. I believe that it is dated from 130 to 100 B.C. This statue is named The Venus de Milo, a Greek statue of Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty”.
Just as I can’t take it anymore, the guide from one of the tours overhears and says, “Wow, you sure know a lot about this; I’m impressed.” After this whole series of events (this annoys me the most) my parents become so proud of their son (my brother) as if I do not exist. I just want to shout out at them saying,
“Hey, I exist!”
Sigh, “It would be nice to live here on my own.” I said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, we should leave Risette here and I’ll use her room for my science lab” my exasperating brother said teasingly.

“Good, maybe you’ll burn off your eyebrows while doing one of your crazy experiments,” I said indignantly.

“Yeah right. The only reason I get injured in my lab was because YOU were fooling around in MY lab without my permission,” he said.

“I did that because you’re annoying,” I replied simply.

“Well may--” he started.

Mom loudly cut in, “Kids, don’t argue. Allegra, don’t be mean to your sister; just because she is your little sister it doesn’t mean you can tease her. And Risette, I expect you to be on your best behavior on this trip. Daddy worked really hard to have a vacation with you guys.”

“But mom, it wasn-” I started to say.

“No excuses,” she said.

We were on the commuter train from Paris to...

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