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A Day To Try To Remember

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I wake up in the backyard laying in the grass of my house with the biggest headache. Then I see my mom running of the house shocked at me. " Jean what do you think your doing out here?!" my mom shouts at me. She helps me up to get ready for school. "I have no idea" i said holding my head, I was really dizzy. " Just because you are outside in the morning does not mean you don't have to go to school" she said shaking her head and opening the glass sliding back door. "even if you were acting weird yesterday" she said setting me down on the kitchen table chair. " how was i acting yesterday?" i asked her, i cant remember anything that happened. All i can remember is going to bed feeling really sick but yesterday nothing. "you can't remember?" she asked me with an angry tone. "no" i said worrying about if i should answer her. "you know what i don't have time for this go get ready for school, we need to leave soon" she said rolling her eyes and walking into the kitchen to make breakfast. I walk upstairs trying to remember what happened. i looked down at my clothes and i was wearing black ripped jeans, a a gray t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, black and white vans on. i got a flash back of yesterday morning. I woke up in my bed with everything floating. I got my clothes from my closet just by thinking that my clothes and just set themselves on my bed. My flashback ends. when my mind sets back in the present i was in my room on the bed sitting. i picked out my clothes for school. which was a pink and black hoodie with some light blue jeans and boots. when i looked in the mirror i had grass in my orange/brownish hair and dirt. my brown eyes were red around them from not having much sleep. i had some mud on my face. I'm trying to guess what happened, yesterday and how i got to the backyard of the my house. when i got in the shower, i got another flashback. I was walking on the sidewalk then the sprinklers turned on and then i turned off the sprinklers with my mind, and made it face the other way. the flashback ended. im back into the bathroom sitting next to the wall. i get up and took my shower. i get dressed and do my hair and make up. i got my bag and school stuff. when i walked back down stairs, i tripped and then another flashback hit me. it was of me about to fall down lots of stairs but i saved it with me floating and flying down the stairs and my brother asked me "what did you do?" he asked scared and worried. i laughed and said " just getting ready for school." the flashback ended with my brother shaking me. " jean are you okay?" he asked me repeatedly. " yeah im okay, do you remember what happened yesterday?" i asked my brother for some help to remember what happened. " well in the morning you like flew down stairs, instead of...

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