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A Day In The Life Of A Juvenile In Conflict With The Law

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"A day in the life of a juvenile in conflict with the law." The Classical Perspective Scene 1: The Nicole Show NICOLE: Hello, and welcome to the Nicole show. Our topic today is bad teens or bad parents, and good boot camps. Today we have with us Suzanne and her daughter Lexi, from Mankato, Minnesota. Please welcome Suzanne to the show. Suzanne, would you mind explaining what has been going on at home between you and your daughter Lexi? SUZANNE: About six months ago, my 15 year old daughter, Lexi, began hanging around with some older men and started staying out late at night, and sometimes not coming home at all. Since then she has been skipping school and I suspect that she is involved with drugs or alcohol. She has also become disrespectful to everyone, she is very mean to her other siblings, and I've also caught her stealing money from my purse. I'm also afraid that she might be having sex with these older men.NICOLE: Well, let's bring out Lexi shall we? (enter Lexi, cussing, swearing, flicking people off, Etc.) Lexi, you've heard what your mother has said. What is your response to all of this? LEXI: Yeah it's true. I drink. I "˜m having all this sex with these other guys and doing drugs. So what? You think my mom cares about me? NICOLE: But, can't you see that this is hurting your mother? Can't you tell that she cares about you and is concerned about you? LEXI: Are you shittin me? She doesn't give a damn about me and hasn't in the past 5 years.NICOLE: Can't you see that you are hurting your younger sibilings? They don't even want to live at home. Don't you see that they just want you to be nice to them? Let's bring out Dr. Robinson. Dr. Robinson is a renowned child psychologist in Minnesota who has met with Lexi previously and has a few expert opinions to share with us.(enter Dr. Robinson) NICOLE: Dr. Robinson, tell us what you think"¦ DR. ROBINSON: I have evaluated Lexi and I have recommended, and the judge has agreed, that she should be sent to a boot camp. Research has proven a correlation between boot camps and an improvement in the behavior of children such as Lexi. The most recent survey that I have done, proves that 78 percent of the respondents from the public, had a positive impression of boot camps as a form of alternative sanctioning.Boot camps are designed to instill discipline and self-respect so that offenders are less likely to return to a life of deviance after they graduate from the program.LEXI: You're just a psychologist what the fuck do you know? NICOLE: Now let's bring out Sgt. Bob from the J & B's boot camp.SGT. BOB: What are you thinking? What are you doing to yourself? Can't you see this women loves you very much? You are treating your mother like crap, you are treating your sibilings like crap, you are treating your entire family like crap. What the hell are you thinking?...

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