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A Decision Support System Essay

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A Decision Support System (DSS) is an information system at the management level of an organization that combines data, analytical tools, and models to support semi structured and unstructured decision-making. A DSS can handle low volume or massive databases optimized for data analysis. The DSS has more power than other systems. They are built explicitly with a variety of models to analyze data or they condense large amounts of data into a form where they can be analyzed by decision-makers. DSS are designed so that the user can work with them directly.
Information technology has offered help in the development of Tele-health. Tele-health refers to the provision of health services over a distance using telecommunications. This has contributed to the development of Tele-nursing, which include video consultation, home monitoring of physiologic parameters and self-management of chronic illness. Because of this development, home Tele-care is evolving rapidly as a means of proving health care in community or home environment where the primary support focuses on the patient rather than a health professional. The application of this strategy has been of help to rural and remote places where locating well-equipped hospitals is a challenge. Information technology has helped healthcare providers use the knowledge of computer in wireless and handheld technologies. They are increasingly using personal digital assistants (PDAs) for tracking patients, making medical references, personal use and giving doses of drugs. In the United States of America, three-quarters of physicians use computerized handheld technology, such as PDAs, in the provision of patient care. Its use has been integrated in clinical activity and has contributed to the efficiency of healthcare procedures.
Health information technology enables healthcare providers to improve patient care by secure use while sharing health information with others as authorized by the patient. The use of electronic health records constitutes technical support as opposed to paper medical records to retain people's health information. In addition, IT department allows a secure exchange between healthcare providers and consumers in the management of healthcare information. It is hoped that IT department will both improve patient care and our nation’s healthcare system. There are two classifications of electronic health record systems. First, products such as Microsoft Vault and Google Health, allow an individual person to store their health records online. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to keep current and maintain the records. They are also responsible to ensure they maintain a secure password to maintain the confidentiality of their patient records. Secondly, institutions such as hospitals and doctor clinics have the ability to store all your records electronically, if they have the correct software and hardware. It is important to understand the records stored by the...

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