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The folk genre has origins all the way back to the 19th century, which in many ways is mirrored by many popular genres in modern musical genres. To make it easy folk music is merely, “ballads and songs which are composed and conveyed vocally, without being written.”(Mclean 12) Though what we distinguish ‘folk’ today as stylistically very different to what ‘folk’ was during the 19th century, at its basic form, it still holds the same standards and concepts, describing the simpler times. Through vigorous research, it’s hard to overlook the past and expansion of folk music originating from the south, and how it could help understand the significance for observing and expanding the dynamics of southern race relationships. Equally, race associations and composition remain replications of the open construction of the country south. In the physically separated south, the fusion between white’s melodic backgrounds and black melodic backgrounds show similar deviations then junctions, which have factually categorized relationships with both races. This relationship isn’t an emotional examination; but instead a socially prehistoric examination of distinct popular values which emphasize the partnership among two significant structures of that culture, that being music and race.
The growth of the American folk music as a popular commodity is a development that matches the ancient and social expansion of American humanity. During the creation of this commodity, two main powers, European and African, ran alongside each other over two hundred years. Alan Lomax, one of folk’s foremost iconic persons, has perceived that the junction of these varied essentials caused a cultural product, which is "further British compared to whatever single person can discover in Britain”.(Heskeis 29) Folk music from the south is a noteworthy measure of the folk customs; in numerous traditions it is indistinguishable with regular folk composition. Also, its past is well recognized, whatever has remained deserted up to today is the psychological inspection of the association among this technique of prevalent philosophy plus a significant mental, common and historical matters and circumstances which provided intensification towards it and is expressed by it. One major reason folk was special in the African American culture is because it’s a likeness of the distinct southern culture, past and social organization on the instruction and of confidences, doubts, politics also arrogances displayed by the people on the early stages of segregation. The composition of the African, English and Scottish mixed rapidly and effortlessly in the similar progression through groups mixed demographically and socially to form the essential culture. The composition from Germany and France modified justly with the folk custom. It seems that certain musical methods such as polkas from Europe, the melodies of the Hindu, Arabic and French settlers, practiced the same affiliation to the pleasing music...

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