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A Deeper Insight Essay

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Sir Winston Churchill, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said, "Sometimes it is not enough to do our best, we must do what is required" (29). This motivational attitude can has been clearly portrayed throughout Rich Cohen's Biographical Novel, The Fish That Ate the Whale. Cohen has mainly focused on the life of Russian Immigrant, Samuel Zemurray; on how a roughly sixteen year old boy compared to the 'fish' lands in the land of opportunities and ended up becoming a popular and powerful figure both in politics and business through market of banana compared as the 'whale'. Cohen also defines vivid and profound description about people, places and events that is linked with Samuel ...view middle of the document...

Cohen accumulates different events related to particular characters that lead towards the major event of revolution. The start of this major event started from New Orleans as Zemurray gathers men for his war . Cohen gives further information of New Orleans while describing the acts of Lee Christmas, Bonilla and Molony, who were the first members in his army for revolution. As Cohen writes, "Christmas and his men went the other way, ............. Each year, a company printed a blue book that mapped the houses and rated every whore in various categories, from deportment to personality to stamina." (Cohen 4,5). While describing the actions of the three mercenaries of Zemurray in New Orleans, Cohen further explains how the street of New Orleans were structured and how the red light district was established as a culture. Cohen uses a paragraph to give a design of New Orleans of those old times on readers. The description of New Orleans being the most notorious red light district and its French Quarter being wrought with iron balconies, saloons, and hotels where mercenaries seek for job does not seem to be relevantly necessary to the biography of Zemurray. The best houses and mansions with luxury services could be found in the same area but in the opposite side of what it was called Basin Street. New Orleans was such in depth with the business of red light district that it converted into a culture where a book is published rating prices for whores. Such detail about New Orleans by Cohen bring readers a historical wisdom along with the biography. The readers now know about the historical New Orleans where mercenaries jumble around providing deeper insight to figure out the reasons they roam there.
The big event of war falls under chapter ten perfectly named as 'Revolution' in Yellow. Cohen inaugurates the chapter with providing thorough information on cause and effect of Philander Knox's plan on Honduras. The meticulous information on the reason leading to Knox's plan not only gives us understanding on the biography of Zemurray but also provides a short story on the history of Honduras of mid seventeenth and early eighteenth century. While approaching the big idea of Knox's plan that led Zemuarry to attack Honduras, Cohen goes further into the history of Honduras as he writes, "Honduras owed millions to bankers in London, far more than it...

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