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A Deeper Look Into Sci Fi Investigates

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There is no doubt that science fiction television shows are changing the world and the ways society views the world. There is a large amount of people who watch science fiction television shows on a daily basis. One of the most recent TV shows, Sci-Fi Investigates, features several investigations into the wonders of the world. Sci-Fi Investigates provides its audience with entertainment and makes various investigations to try and find explanations and answers for its viewers. The team on Sci-Fi Investigates tries to explore some of the most intriguing mysteries, legends, and paranormal phenomena. Benjamin Radford, a scientific paranormal investigator, believes that Sci-Fi Investigates tries to distinguish itself as an investigative series (Radford 12). Radford also points out a phrase said in the beginning of each episode, “For the first time ever, a series that doesn’t just ponder the questions, it hunts for the answers” (Radford 12).
Furthermore, the investigative team of Sci-Fi Investigates travels to several distinct cities in desire of investigating and collecting information to justify the legends, mysteries, and paranormal phenomena they presented. For instance, the investigative team travels to Dulce, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona to try and investigate the UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and other paranormal activities. The investigative team also travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to try and explore the rituals and celebrations of Voodoo as well as observe how the Voodoo magic is carried out. After attending a few of the rituals and celebrations of Voodoo, the investigative team had an extremely emotional involvement. Viewers were also able to experience the emotion contained within the team.
Yet there is another aspect to Sci-Fi Investigates. The audience is accepting the mysteries, legends, and paranormal phenomena proposed on Sci-Fi Investigates; however, there is still no scientific evidence to confirm the validity of the mysteries, legends, and paranormal phenomena presented on the show. The audience is also being faced with rising beliefs that continue to intrigue society altogether. Despite the fact that Sci-Fi Investigates provides entertainment to its viewers, the content within the episodes convey unscientific evidence. The investigative team on Sci-Fi Investigates demonstrates absence of investigative involvement which indicates that they are proposing invalid assumptions to their viewers.
Benjamin Radford, a scientific paranormal investigator, implies that the investigators which appear on Sci-Fi Investigates have a lack of investigation experience and the show is in dire need of scientific investigators (Radford 12). Radford also points out that “The producers can’t just assemble a team with little or no investigative experience and expect them to come with scientifically valid answers to such mysteries” (Radford 12). According to Radford, the team’s investigations are not guided by any “logic, systematic...

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