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A Deeper Look Into Totalitarianism Essay

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1984 written by George Orwell is an insightful- fictional novel that explores the issues of Communism and Totalitarianism. George Orwell published the novel in 1949, in 1949, NATO was signed by twelve countries and the People’s Republic of China is formally proclaimed by Mao Zedong. This novel was published a year before the Cold War officially starts. This allows for an intricate and futuristic theme, the cold complications and concerns of Communism and Totalitarianism. Orwell does a perfect job of exploring the theme through Winston’s eyes, Orwell uses both third and first person throughout the novel. The living conditions for the average citizen are terrible and miserable. Winston lives ...view middle of the document...

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past,” (Orwell 248) is another quote that makes 1984 that more memorable although it is brought up in the novel to discuss communism and totalitarianism, this quote is applicable to anything in history. Oceania finds a way to convince the citizens that they are always right even if their “facts” change. This is only possible if they destroy the past and future and recreate it. This is exactly what INGSOC does as they destroy artifacts and have workers recreate the artifacts. This also allows form them to have any person that is killed disappear. What is true is unknown and, what is true is lost amongst the ashes and fake words of the workers. It is a pleasurable experience to let the brain simply wander off and tie itself up thinking about these deep ideas. Unlike most novels, all the ideas make sense. Everything that George Orwell presents to the audience is satisfied and complete. Orwell’s perspective of the horrors of Communism matches up exactly with how communism has affected the world and the effect that it has on the country. It is easy for anyone to agree with his perspective on love, and that the government, no matter what, the government cannot control the love within a heart. Anyone would understand this basic concept and the importance of following the heart to see where it takes an individual. Admirably, Orwell addresses the concerns of minimizing the individuality amongst a body of people and how thus can negatively impact the strength of a community. Without the various strengths and weaknesses, a country is lost; they do not have anyone to fill in for the weaknesses amongst the identical populations. Without a skill set, people will have no that specializes in anything and thus they do not have the capacity to excel in anything. Overall 1984 is a memorable novel that expresses important, agreeable terms for any reader.
As mentioned earlier, this 1984 is memorable novel that makes a dramatic statement and taken a concrete standpoint against totalitarianism and communism. Although the reader may already disagree with these two ways of governing, they may find that this novel persuades them to dislike the two that much more. Orwell finishes the novel by taking away all hope the audience could...

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