A Defined Level Of Workforce Improvement

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You have excellent reviews from your manager, your subordinates and your customers. People look up to you as a leader and like working with you. Your track record is flawless, you have met every deadline. You have dotted every ‘I’ and crossed every ‘T’. In short, you are a stellar performer hoping for a great future ahead. But…..you did not get the promotion you hoped.. What went wrong? You ask for feedback but get vague answers. The promotion policy does not make sense to you. You are ambitious but are unsure of how to get ahead. Nobody seems sure on what specific skills you are falling short. You are left on your own devices to ferret out ways to reach your career goals. Frustrated and angry you quit and move on to a competitor.

Doesn’t this scenario hold true in many organizations? Few organizations clearly articulate and follow the criteria for advancement or even selection. Aren’t promotion decisions intuitive judgments of managers, often fuzzy, mysterious and arbitrary? Isn’t performance evaluation relegated to being a necessary evil? Don’t buzzwords like skills, competencies and development plans end up being complex HR jargon with poor business outcomes and little application in the real world?

But things are different at Tata Capital. Here is what a random employee sample says about their HR processes:

“I know exactly what the organization expects of me. That keeps me happy, satisfied and motivated at work.”

“My Performance evaluation conversation with my manager is qualitative and meaningful. I know my career trajectory and where I need to improve. I look forward to my discussions with my manager.”

“As a team lead I know the skill gaps in my team. A common competency language makes training specific and targeted. I see a better workforce in the making.”

“Having worked at competitors, I can see the difference in the culture at Tata Capital. It is a much more transparent. I feel a sense of pride in being a Tata Capital employee.”

Hard to believe, isn’t it? These look like lines out of an HR professional’s dream book! After all, haven’t HR departments long suffered from a lack of stature and nonexistence of credibility?

How has Tata Capital achieved this synergy between HR and its employees? How do employees not only talk the HR talk but also find it credible? How are HR processes adhered to not because they are mandated but because employees see personal value in it? How has HR broken the silos where functions speak a common language of business success?

A single answer to all the above questions - an unfaltering top management focus on a high performance work culture with an engaged workforce. It was this focus that drove the entire organization to adopt People Capability Maturity Model – an HR framework that helps organizations align their workforce to their business strategy and create a culture of continuous improvement. On June 20th 2013, when Tata Capital became the first non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India...

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