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A Definition Of Rape In The United States

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Rape is often misunderstood and misinform, for the lack of society way of teaching to not get rape instead of teaching not to rape.Rape is unwanted sexual force against your will and consent. It is when a person is unable to resist because their unconscious,incapacitated or legally unable to consent ( legal resources). They’re different kind of rape under the law. There is Statutory rape when an adult has sexual intercourse with an underage. An underage that gave consent is not considered consent ,because they are a minor and it is not legal ( legal resources). If two people are together and are having sexual intercourse and their partner is older than the other , that is ...view middle of the document...

org) . Men that got rape 29.3% were under the age of eleven and 32.3% were between the age of eleven and seventeen (991 22.2% of the men that got rape were the age between eighteen and twenty four. Being rape by someone you know is more higher statistically than getting rape by a stranger. Statistic show that 82% get rape by someone they know and 18% get rape by a stranger (911
Rape can happen to anyone women, children, men, elderly, straight, and gay. At any age, race and gender.In Massachusetts worcester there was a report of a man who raped,killed,and ate childeren. His name is Geoffrey Portway who is a 40 year old british citizen in the Unite State that was accused of this crime( .There has said to be 167 victims and 5 family have identified their kids ( The case was said that Portway would ask people online to help him kidnap children and would tell them what he would do to the children( Geoffrey had mental health problem as a kid and that he himself had the desire to be eaten at a young age ( Geoffrey Portway was sentence to prison for 27 years for his crime of raping,killing,and eating children and is getting deported back to the united kingdom after he complete his 27 years ( Geoffrey is also paying the victims of the children family 3,000 dollars each for the crime he has committed (
There are organization and treatment center today in the United State that help victims that have been rape....

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