A Demographic Analysis: The Idaho Falls, Idaho Metropolitan Area

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Idaho Falls is home to one hundred and thirty thousand three hundred and seventy four people. Located on the Eastern edge of Idaho, Idaho Falls is a focal point for much of Idaho and Western Wyoming. While conducting demographic research on the metropolitan area, I found some interesting stats. Using the demographic indicators of age structure, racial diversity, and family makeup, provided me essential data that describes the makeup of its metropolitan area.
Basic Facts about the Metropolitan Area
Idaho Falls is the states largest city outside Boise metropolitan area. The Snake River aids water to crops such as sugar beets, potatoes, peas and more. Idaho Falls was founded in 1864. The Idaho National Laboratory is one of the major employers fueling Idaho Falls economy. Today the city is experiencing continues growth and receiving national attention. Its culture scene has expanded immensely becoming a destination for art festivals and concerts. Its extravagant living and first-class outdoors makes it apparent why the area continues to grow.
Age Structure
Known for being one of the best places in the country to raise kids, Idaho Falls has an increasing number of youth each year. In 2010, nine percent of its population was children under five. And only little over one percent were people over eighty-five. Because Idaho’s harsh winters it weeds out the elderly. Records show temperatures in the dead of winter up to the negatives, explaining why many have left for a more balanced climate. Much is similar to U.S. as a whole. We are still seeing an expanding number of youths than elders. Idaho Falls median age is 31.3 compared to the U.S. as a whole with the median age of 37.2. I believe there is a lower median age for Idaho Falls because of its outdoor recreation that it has to offer. Sites like Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole and the Snake River are main attractions to young folks who are adventures. Though the U.S. still has a pretty low median age because of the post World War II baby boom. As a whole the U.S. is in a stage four demographic transition. Meaning that there are low birth rates and low death rates. Thus our population is stabilizing. As the data on the DP-1’s show, ironically both the U.S. and Idaho Falls has very similar percentages with age. Like much of the U.S. Idaho Falls is a place full of young middle class families who enjoy the luxury of what nature has to offer.
Racial Diversity
Located in the Northwestern part of the United States near the Canadian border, Idaho Falls numbers for racial diversity are lacking. Predominantly ninety percent of the race is white. Due to its location, I feel that there is a lack of migration because it is so far from Mexico. Most Hispanics are in lower western part of the U.S. where there are jobs and they can be close to their families. In Idaho Falls only nine percent are Mexican....

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