A Description And Analysis Of The Novel "Fahrenheit 451".

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"It was a pleasure to burn,"(pg 3) says Montag at the beginning of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. At first Montag is convinced that burning books and making sure people don't read is how things are supposed to be. Towards the middle of the book he meets a young girl named Clarisse. She is free-spirited, andstrange compared to the world around her. She shakes Montag up, and causes him to have mixed feelings about weather or not he is satisfied with his life, and if he should be a fireman. At the end he is convinced and sure of his decision that burning books is not right. He is determined to change the way his town lives. Montag goes through three phases of character development, which are: burning books is good, then he questions himself, third he is sure that being a fireman is not for him, and books should be read.Montag, at first, believes that burning books is a pleasure. He also says he considers the smell of kerosene on him a perfume. He is no different from the other people in his town. Montag has the same idea that books don't contain anything of importance, and that authors never agree, so books are pointless. He also doesn't know how to think because the people of the town never engage in conversation, and school is all about television (i.e sports). "He walked toward the corner, thinking little at all about nothing in particular."(pg 4) Montag is walking down a quiet street, and while most people now would be thinking, he is not. This sort of situation is normal for the people of this town. On subways they blare a television so that it is too loud for people to carry on conversations and there are no porches where people can sit and talk. It seems as though the government is trying to keep the people from thinking, talking, andinteracting with one another. For these reasons, many people don't know how to think for themselves.Not too soon after the beginning Montag meets a young girl named Clarisse. He finds her to be different from the rest of the people. She doesn't enjoy school, and she asks questions that people who can't think can't answer. Clarisse helps Montag see that burning books is not necessarily the best thing forpeople of that town, or anywhere. One day Clarisse asks Montag if he is happy. This causes him to question his life, and to question if he is truly happy. "How like a mirror...

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751 words - 3 pages taught to recite a pledge which states "we are nothing, mankind is all, by the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. "We exist through by, and for our brothers who are the state. Amen". If one is made to believe this as a child, there will be no need to question it when they are grown, for they will see no other way. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 we see a lonely man named Guy Montag who is searching for answer which are deeper

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753 words - 3 pages , instead of face to face. Also, other electronic devices such as televisions, cell phones, or devices used are really taking control of a part of our daily lives. The book goes on to say that this also a warning so society doesn’t become like the one presented in “Fahrenheit 451”. It’s good not to act like mindless robots when it comes to friends and family. In Fahrenheit the concept of knowledge which would also allow people to realize how the

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729 words - 3 pages Within the first few pages of Ray Bradbury's timeless classic, Fahrenheit 451, the reader is introduced to Guy Montag, the main character, and intended protagonist.Compounding the overall conflict is the inarticulate style of character development that Bradbury is known for.Mildred, Montag's wife, cannot be accurately described in any way. She is often described as being empty. Her life revolves around her Seashell radio and her three-walled

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