A Description Of A Nutritional Supplement/Product Which Makes Health Claims That May Be Debatable. "Tahitian Noni Juice"

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Report on nutritional product advertisement


According to the advertisement that I chose, the product, Tahitian Noni Juice is made from the Morinda citrifolia plant, found in the islands of the South Pacific. The plant is believed to have a sacred background by natives of its origin, being referred to as the most beautiful plant in the islands. It has been used in Polynesia for centuries, but has just recently made its way into the west. The plant is believed to enhance the immune system, support proper digestion, and give your hair and skin a healthy shine. Users of Tahitian Noni juice may also notice an increase in mental clarity, and even physical performance levels.

It seems to be of great importance in the advertisement that the makers of Tahitian Noni juice, the Morinda distribution company are the only legitimate and authentic producers of this product. The ad specifically says that there are more than 50 companies trying to match Tahitian Noni juice, but that they are just "cheap imitations," and it is very important not to accept these, because your body will know the difference. Morinda distribution further claims in the ad that their Noni juice contains compounds that will work at the cellular levels that actually increase the positive functionality of cells in the body, as well as help you "take control of your life."

So, how does Morinda Distribution Company back these claims up? By using real statements made by real doctors. These statements all say something to the same affect, basically that the Morinda citrifolia is a positive way to improve health overall, and that Tahitian Noni Juice is the only one that is used in their practices. The ad even includes pictures of each doctor next to their statement. For further proof of the ad's claims, Morinda states that extensive studies by herbalists have been done for years on the benefits of Noni juice before it could be successfully harvested for bottling. Unfortunately, the ad does not show any actual research studies such as statistics, or what kinds of studies were conducted, such as a case control, or a double blind study. Finally the ad gives a brief history of Noni, and how it has held a reputation of great respect to the people of the South Pacific (Polynesia) for centuries.

Using the guidelines set in the text, my opinion varies on the legitimacy of Tahitian Noni Juice. The ad is clearly trying to elude the public into believing that their (Morinda) product is the best and only authentic Noni juice by using basic sales techniques....

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