A Description Of Bullying Essay

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Jacy Hill
Mrs. Basinger
English III
“Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” (www.stopbullying.gov). “A bully is someone who continuosly tries to hurt someone.” (www.mylifemypower.org). I want more people to know that bullying is a serious topic. “Bullying is a serious problem that effects millions of students every day.” (www.kidshealth.org). Bullying is causing young innocent kids to do horrible things to themselves.
The bullies aren't even giving the kids they are harassing a chance to show them what they are really like. The bullies judge them on what they look like, their race, religion, and who they hang out with. “Two of the main reasons people are bullied are because of appearance and social status.” (www.kidshealth.org). I just want to know why the bullies do the things they do. They don't even care how the victim feels, all they care about is themselves and how they can make their victims feel even worse.
I wonder if they knew how much pain and suffering they put on other people, if other people did the same to them would they change they way they treat people? I chose this topic because I really belive that bullying is one of the biggest issues in today’s world. I just want the bullies to know how much pain they put people through, and then maybe they will realize that is not a good thing. Unfortunately everyone has been bullied, including me. Schools need to realize that bullying happens in every school.
I know that some schools care more than others, and they have anti-bullying clubs to help stop bullying. But other schools could care less about bullying. Bullying has been on national news cast like Good Morning America and CBS news. I don't understand why more schools and people are not trying to stop bullying. I want to know how bullying effects people emotionally, physically, and socially.

Sub Topic One
Cyber bullying is just like normal bullying except it is done online. Cyber bullying can cause just as much harm as normal bullying. Even though cyber bullying isn't physical, it can still hurt the victim just as bad. “Bullies use things such as computers, cell phones, the internet, and social media websites to harm their victims.” (www.teenhealthandwelness.com).
“The bullies are often people the victims knows or their so-called "friends." (www.teenhealthandwellness.com). “The biggest difference between cyber bullying and regular bullying is that the bully doesn't have to be face to face to hurt the victim.” (www.teenhealthandwellness.com). Bullies can be far away from their victim, but still hurt them just as bad. Cyber bullying is just as worse as regular bullying because of technology today. When the victims are at school not everyone knows that they are being bullied.
But because of technology, everyone has some sort of social media, and if the bully is harassing their victims online anyone and everyone can...

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