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A Description Of The Every Child Inc. Orgenizations

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A Description of the Organization
Every Child Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit human service agency founded in 1997 by Pittsburgh native Susie Davis. Every Child Inc. initial focus was on providing supports for families with medically fragile children. Since its founding, Every Child has grown to include a host of services intended to develop and strengthen the relationships among children, adults and families. Every Child Inc. has grown to a staff of 75 and an annual budget of approximately $4 million.
Every Child Inc. is an adoption/foster care organization in Pittsburgh Pa. Besides their base in East Liberty, Pittsburgh; they recently opened a satellite office in Moon Township, West Hills. The upcoming six months will be focused on writing necessary documents; starting a marketing campaign and finding the first families in the Moon Township Area that are interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents.
Every Child Inc. serves birth, foster and adoptive families in Allegheny and surrounding counties, and has succeeded in helping over 3,000 children achieve a loving, lasting family. All of the services are provided free of charge and are given based on the individual needs of the child or family.
Every Child is primarily supported by the purchase-of service contracts with child welfare agencies, state and federal grants, sponsoring from foundations, individual sponsors through events or partnering business. Individual and community contributions are also critical sources of funding. 

Every Child strives to remain fiscally sound and accountable to the public. The administrative costs comprise only 14% of the total annual operating budget. Every Child Inc. also embraces the diversity of the communities and individuals served and do the best to ensure that the policies and practices reflect and support that diversity.
Every Child Inc. received numerous national and regional awards. In 2005, they received a prestigious Goodwill Power of Work Award for their workforce development efforts. Every Child Inc. has had several television appearances on their name (for example ABC Primetime) and a film produced by Dave Thomas Foundation for adoptive and older children. In addition, several articles were published in the newspaper that called the organization the finalist of the Community Outreach and ARC Allegheny. Besides this the organization of the year award was presented to Every Child Inc. The clear focus of the organization is the satisfactory rate and the satisfactory rate is stable at 95 percent.
Mission Statement:
“Every Child provides the opportunity for families to become self-sufficient, to build effective and lasting relationships and to contribute to safe and stable communities. We are committed to providing services that meet the holistic needs of children and families—including family support and wellness services, education services and clinical and nonclinical interventions”.
Every Child Inc. states: “Our mission is to service children...

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